Exploring The Churches of Melbourne

Melbourne - Eureka Building and Yarra River

After getting around to more than I expected over the last two days, I found myself with a relatively free day today. In some ways, this left me with a problem of just what to do today. However being that I am in Melbourne, this was soon solved as there is quite a lot to explore around the city.

Yarra River Cruise

Earlier in the week, I did a cruise on the Yarra River, that cruise went downstream towards the harbour and docks. The cruise this morning went upstream into some of the older areas of Melbourne. Many interesting places are going upstream, but not an awful lot to photograph. You pass through some of the more expensive suburbs where house prices can average between $1.9-$2.1 million. With some property peaking as high as $19 million.

The guide on the cruise also shared some interesting facts about the Yarra River. One such piece of information is that the river does not follow its natural course. The change of course for the river was made to try and prevent flooding of Melbourne itself. It was made wider and deeper to help flood waters flow more freely out to the bay.

Melbourne - Black Swan

Melbourne City Walk

I left the cruise and headed into the city, to explore a couple of the older arcades. There are some arcades throughout the city, but I found my way to the Block Arcade and Royal Arcade.

The Block Arcade

The Block Arcade is roughly in the shape of a disfigured T, with entrances on Elizabeth St, Collins St and Little Collins St. There are quite some beautiful little stores in the arcade and could easily lose a lot of time exploring them. I discovered what might be my favourite in a store called Haigh’s Chocolate, no prizes for guessing what they sell. I did have to buy something while here and do find it to be rather nice chocolate.

Royal Arcade

The second arcade I took some time to look through was the Royal Arcade. The architecture here is not quite as impressive as the Block Arcade, but the collection of stores is just as interesting. The arcades seem to be popular for small store sizes, but it works for their offerings. It is just a little like finding a little nook with some little treasures hidden inside.

Finally, I did find something to photograph that was not surrounded by people. I am not certain what it is meant to depict, but it was interesting either way.

Melbourne - Small Zen Sculpture

Dreifaltigkeits Kirche Lutheran Trinity Church

I had decided to head in the direction of Fitzroy Gardens to look at a couple of other features. However, along the way, I got distracted visiting a church by the name of Dreifaltigkeits Kirche Lutheran Trinity Church. The church is located on Parliament Place, just behind the Victoria Parliament Building.

Although they do not compared to some of the stained glass I saw earlier in the week, the windows are quite beautiful.

Melbourne - Dreifaltigkeitskirche Lutheran Trinity Church Stained Glass

Dreifaltigkeits Kirche Lutheran Trinity Church is an attractive building from the outside. It is not too large but does sit in the shadow of a much bigger church across the road.

Melbourne - Dreifaltigkeitskirche Lutheran Trinity Church

Fitzroy Gardens

I continued to make another visit to Fitzroy Gardens. I wanted to pass by and take a look at a couple of stops I had made earlier in the week a get a few more photos. But I had also discovered there were a couple of fountains in the gardens I had missed on my first visit. It turned out one was shut off for maintenance and looked like it needs it. However, the other one was quite nice.Melbourne - River Gods Fountain

St. Patricks Cathedral

I timed my initial arrival at St Patricks Cathedral rather poorly as there was a service currently taking place. So I filled in some time at Fitzroy Gardens and returned after the service was complete.

Melbourne - St Patricks Cathedral

Since the service was now over, I took some time to take a look around inside the church. I, unfortunately, do not have any photos from inside, as it was unclear if photography is allowed. I did attempt to see if anyone was around to ask, but it seems no one remained after the service. The interior is amazing with some stunning stained glass windows. With all of the features just appearing larger than any others that I have visited earlier in the week.

Melbourne - St Patricks Cathedral


Eating Out In Melbourne

It was time to head out to find something for dinner. Tonight I enjoyed a 1.4 of a Pizza and a bowl of Pasta for a total cost of $8.90. Which does bring me to thinking about the total cost of food over the past eight days. As a rough estimate, I believe that it is just under the $200 mark for all my food and drink. That is around 20 meals, drinks and snacks. I think that is quite a good overall cost, and probably highlights that I didn’t overdo the eating out too much.

Melbourne - Eureka Building and Yarra River

Last Night

I ended the last day in Melbourne the same as most of the others days with a visit to the Eureka Skydeck. It was another great evening to be up here, even with overcast skies the view over the city was amazing. Tomorrow will be my last morning in Melbourne, with an evening flight home to Brisbane. I am not entirely sure what I will get up to tomorrow, but I will be looking to head to the airport not long after lunch. Then it will be back into my normal routine around the home, but there will still be one more update to come for tomorrow.

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