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On This Day: 2014 at Wivenhoe Dam, Queensland

On This Day: 11th May 2014 - Wivenhoe Dam

I had set out today as being a day to share with you another of my “On This Day” posts. But as I was looking back over the past few years I almost thought I was going to have to change the day. You see I had to go back to 2014 again to find a day that I actually used my camera. Now it is possible that I have something from a more recent year, but it is also very likely to be in an archive drive. Which means it is from a job for a publication which probably means it is not something easily sharable.

A Visit To Wivenhoe Dam

Thankfully on the 11th of May in 2014, I did do something quite interesting, which was to take a little drive west. I headed out to the west of Brisbane and made a visit to the dam that is the primary water source for Brisbane. That dam is Wivenhoe Dam and it can be a rather nice spot to visit.

On This Day: 11th May 2014 - Wivenhoe Dam

The location that I am at here is around 1km from the main spillway of the dam and looking slightly north of east. That is from memory and looking at the map of the terrain. If anything that is one thing that I wish I had taken more time to consider and record just where and how I captured some photos.

Looking back at the historic reading from SEQ Water on this day the dam was recorded at 91.5% of capacity. The full supply level of the dam is 1,165,238 ML of water and there is flood storage capacity for another 2,080,000 ML of water. Either way, if the dam was at 100% of full supply I would not be able to stand where I am for this photo.

Take a Drive

Wivenhoe Dam can be a great spot for both locals and tourists alike to make a day trip from Brisbane. The drive is around 70 km and takes you out near Ipswich along the motorway before heading towards Esk. Alternatively, you can pass through the area of Mount Nebo and D’aguilar State Forest for a more scenic route with a number of stopping points along the way.


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