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On This Day: Creative Minnippi Parkland Sunset

Minnippi Parkland Sunset

As a photographer, it can be rather easy to find yourself stuck in a rut. You end up returning the same locations over and over again. This is something that I have found for myself over the years when I keep going back to Cleveland Point to capture the sunset. Of course, there are times when you might capture something that stands out. But the vast majority of the time you find that the results are rather similar.

Getting Creative

As a result, there are times that I do like to try and change things up. Not just with a change of location, but also with a change of perspective. It is when you get stuck in those ruts that you sometimes find a lack of creativity. Those creative juices are not quite flowing as freely as you would like, so what are you to do?

There are generally two ways that you can sort of kick-start the creative process. The first is to purposefully make yourself head to different locations. That is something that is easier said than done at times because if you knew where to go you would have already been, right?

The second and the one that I have relied on a little more is that of making use of just where you are. That is how this photo came about. When I realised I was somewhere different at the right time of day and decided to see how it played out. Sometimes this can work out and other times not so much, I will leave the decision to you.

Minnippi Parkland

The location I found myself in on the 4th of May in 2014 was Minnippi Parklands. I was here more so for a hobby that I partake in called Geocaching. However, with it quite late in the day and the sun quickly going down I decided to grab the camera. There are a few other views in the park that I tried but the one that turned out the best was getting down in the weeds. Not the angle that I always consider for photos, but that is what creativity is, trying new things sometimes.

Minnippi Parkland Sunset

Do you remember or have a photo from your day on the 4th of May in 2014? I would love to know what you were doing or see a photo from the day if you have one. I hope you have enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

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