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Patience Is A Virtue When Travelling


I am sure that most people have probably heard the phrase “patience is a virtue.” While few people probably know that this probably dates back to the fifth-century poem “Psychomachia.” The poem outlined seven heavenly virtues and seven deadly sins. While I won’t be digging into what each and every one of these is I do believe patience when it comes to travel is definitely a virtue.

A Place For Patience


I personally believe that patience has a place in everyday life. There are so many different situations where patience could help you achieve a much better outcome. While the thought of instant gratification is wonderful, the consequences that it creates are often negative.

The idea of instant gratification is expanding at a rate that I think few expected. Becoming prolific with the growth of the internet and just what it enables for us. However, while instant gratification on the internet is one thing, it rarely translates well into the physical world.

It is one thing to be able to call up the latest TV show to watch online and be instantly gratified. But it is a whole other story to demand instant gratification from a real human with finite ability. The ability to separate the two is going to be a rather important quality going into the future. But mastering it right now can still reap you many benefits.

Patience While Travelling

When it comes to travelling it is an act that is very much rooted in the physical world. Even though you might be able to instantly book an airfare on the internet. You will soon be very much faced with the real wait at the airport to check-in, pass security, wait to board, and the flight.

The more you travel the more that you will find just how many aspects of travel do require patience. There are queues at airports, attractions, tours, shopping and many other places. There will be delays in transportation, broken down equipment, security procedures and any number of other things.

But the thing that you will find is that being impatient in many of these situations does nothing to improve them. There are even some situations that being impatient will make things worse.

You Are Dealing With a Human Being

Possibly the best piece of advice that I can offer you when it comes to travelling is remember who you are dealing with. Almost every situation will see you dealing with a human being. Someone that is not all that different to you. They might be a hotel clerk, a security guard, a ride attendant, a baggage claim attendant, or a bus driver. But they are all people and while there are always some exceptions, the way you treat them may be reflected back at you.

When dealing with people in your travels, give them the time and respect to do their job. Someone is much more likely to want to help you out if you are calm, pleasant and patient. But who wants to help out the person standing in front of them yelling and demanding. Just consider how would you like to be treated if you were doing the job of the person standing in front of you.

Have More Patience

There are times that I know patience can be somewhat difficult to maintain. But there can also be a world of difference if you apply patience over getting angry, agitated or just plain hard to get on with. I would love to hear in the comments below just how patience has helped you in a situtation?

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