Exploring More Of Venice The City

Venice - Dragon Lantern

Today marks around three weeks since I arrived home to Australia. After spending 80-days travelling, through Europe and North America, there is some adjustment needed to settle back into being home. While working through some of my photos, I decided that I needed to share a few more. So I wanted to give you a little deeper look at Venice, Italy.

Venice, Italy

Venice was the disembarkation port for my Transatlantic cruise. It was also an overnight port which gave a little more time to explore without the added cost of another hotel room.

Prior to arriving in Venice, there were three things that people had said about the city. It is dirty, dangerous and very easy to get lost. In some ways, I would agree that it is dirty, but in some respects, it is just uncared for as well. I personally did not find it to be dangerous, but in saying that watching your personal belongings when travelling is always advised.

On the note of getting lost, well that is a whole other point. Although I do not believe I got lost, I would say that I did not always know where I was. An occasional dead end did appear, and disagreements on where we were on the map came up. But at the end of the day, I still made it back to the ship each time I ventured out.

Interesting Sights

Venice - Deadends

When you are wandering the streets of Venice, it is worth taking it slow and looking pretty much everywhere. There is so much to see, and if you go too fast, you miss a lot. Walking Venice does require eyes that rove up and down, along with the laneways and into the store windows. Just to ensure that you do not miss some of the interesting quirks of Venice. Sometimes you will find what appear to be tasty treats.

Venice Tasty Treats

Sometimes you might find an interesting and unique light fitting if you take the time to look up.

Venice - Dragon Lantern

Or maybe these interesting water fountains (which I am told you can safely drink from) if you take the time to look down.

Venice - Water Fountain

When walking a city like Venice though as a photographer can be intriguing. I found looking for what to photograph, led me to see even more than I expected. Trying to capture something different when I take a photo. Not always following the rules of photography and more interested in capturing what I see.

Venice - Old Building

I did find that one beautiful thing about Venice was the buildings. There is such a variety of buildings, from so many different eras in the past. Some of the buildings you find have an old, worn and run down look. There are others with a very distinctive architectural style. Then some with a vibrant colour that gives a certain look and feel to the area.

Venice - Colourful Canals

In amongst the variety of different buildings, you still find some wonderful architecture. Such as Chiesa Di San Rocco, The Church of Saint Roch, with a facade which dates back to around 1770.

Venice - Chiesa Di San Rocco

Before my visit to Venice, I did think of it as just another European City. However, as a place that I have visited, I would like some more time to fully explore the city. To be honest I think that I only scratched the surface of what this city has to offer.

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