The Achievements From My Life List

Holland America Line - Nieuw Amsterdam

Some years ago there was a movie that I quite enjoyed by the name of “The Bucket List”. In many ways, it gave me some motivation to look at creating a list of those things I wanted to do or achieve in my lifetime. But I didn’t like the title of the list being a “bucket list” I wanted something a little more inspiring. I kind of wanted something a little less focusing on the end of my life and something more focused on the now. So a little thinking and some Googling, and I soon had the name, it would be my Life List.

My Life List

Although I did create a life list and it was available online for some time, currently it is not online. I still very much feel strongly about having a life list and pursuing achievements and things on the list. However, I found when I was recently reviewing just what was on the list; some things did not suit what I want to achieve.

You see I think at the time I created it, I got a little carried away in adding some items to build it out. Items that had some appeal to consider having on the list, but when I thought about it did not match what I truly want.

As such I have taken the list down temporarily and will be looking to get it back online soon. But for the moment, I wanted to take a look at some of the items from the list which I have achieved.

Life List Achievements

Fly First Class

For some reason, the very first thing I put on my life list was to fly first class. In some ways, it was a little selfish fun thing to add on. But at the same time, I did not believe it was something I would check off.

I am very conscious of the cost that different forms of travel cost. As such, I saw flying first class as an excessive cost that I did not believe was a true representation of the actual value.

So it was with great pleasure that I discovered a reasonably good price available for a few flights. I was travelling to the USA and found that Virgin America was offering a reasonably good price for first class seats. It was still more than triple the price of economy. But at $220 for a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle, it was a good compromise.

On the 30th of March 2011, I had the first of a couple of experiences flying first class on Virgin America. It is not the sort of first class/business class you fly when travelling internationally. But still provided a taste of full first class service air travel.

Transpacific & Transatlantic Crossing

Along with some other travel-related items on my list, I added the cruise crossing of two of the major oceans. The Transpacific and Transatlantic are the two most commonly crossed oceans by cruise ship.

When I added these journey’s to my life list, I did not consider the option of them being a cruise. I think I added them to a maybe one day adventure if I ever got interested in sailing.

I was more than happy to move the expectations a little bit and consider the option of cruising these journeys. Especially after completing and enjoying my first cruise around Central America and the Panama Canal.


Ms Volendam and Sydney Harbour Bridge

The first cruise was to cross the Pacific Ocean or Transpacific. The cruise I selected for this trip was onboard Holland America Line’s MS Volendam. The cruise departed from Vancouver on the 7th of September 2011 and arrived into Sydney on the 4th of October 2011.

It was quite an exciting and eye opening experience. I got to visit some small island nations that I may never have visited otherwise. It also highlighted to me how much I enjoyed cruising.


MS Nieuw Amsterdam

Ironically it was while on board the cruise where I completed the Transpacific that I booked to be onboard a Transatlantic cruise the following year.

I opted to cruise again with Holland America Line and this time the ship was the MS Nieuw Amsterdam. On the 1st of April 2012, I boarded the ship in Fort Lauderdale. With the last port for the cruise being Venice on the 30th of April 2012.

Mostly the Transatlantic part of the voyage was completed on the 12th of April 2012, when we arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a fabulous experience, and even with all the sea days crossing the Atlantic something I would do again. The cruise also played a part in my checking off another item on my list, visiting Tuscany, Italy.

Visit Tuscany

Pisa - Piazza dei Miracoli & Leaning Tower of Pisa

There are many beautiful areas of the world that you would never know existed. But Tuscany in Italy is one of those places that often crops up in popular culture, such as movies. After seeing some of the beautiful scenery in movies, I knew I wanted to visit this area one day.

It just so happened that one port of call on my Transatlantic cruise visited this area. Even though it was on the expensive side, there was no question that I would take the most in-depth tour available. The tour made stops in Florence and Pisa, while also taking me through some of the beautiful countrysides.

The area around Tuscany is going to be somewhere that I want to visit one day again. I am sure there is a lot more to explore, and a one day tour never does anywhere justice. But it does check the item off my life list.

Visit Vienna

Vienna - View of The Danube from Danube Tower

To be entirely honest I cannot recall exactly why Vienna made it onto my life list. Unlike some of the other items, I know all the travel related items had some reason behind them. Even if it might have been a trivial one like flying first class.

Either way, when I decided to spend some time exploring Europe, there was no doubt that Vienna would go on the list. I end up giving myself ten full days in Vienna at the start of my trip in 2012. It was great to explore the city and see so many of the beautiful old buildings.

Even though I had ten days in Vienna, I think there is still more I could see and do in and around the city. So it is likely somewhere I might revisit in the future, along with other areas in Austria.

Rebuild The Life List

I am working on putting together a new and more appropriate life list shortly. I do want a life list, but only want to include item’s that I am seriously interested in achieving. As I see no benefit to working on achieving things that I have no interest. Do you have a life list? Why not let me know about it in the comments below.

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