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The Challenges of Sharing Home

Albert Einstein Quote

If you were to take a look back through this blog you will find hundreds of posts covering dozens of destinations. Posts that talk about other countries, cities, and travelling all over the place. But it has not been until much more recently that I have started to share a little about the area and city that I live in.

To be entirely honest it is a topic that I have found in the past very difficult to share. Not because there is nothing to share, but because it is home and I see it in a much different way.

Seeing The World

There is something that I have found to see entirely different when I travel and when I am at home. When I am travelling I find that I see just about everything as something of interest. Even everyday things when I am travelling seems to bring out a sense of interest to me. Everything is new and different and makes me want to look and explore.

When I get home and live in the area I call home I see it much more in a fashion of utility. These are places that I am around all the time and while there is a beauty I just see it as home. I have lived in the same area for some thirty years now. In the past, I have struggled to see it, in the same way, I would a new city that I might travel through.

Looking Through New Eyes

There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as thought everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

I recently became aware of the above quote through a podcast that I listen to (Impact Theory Podcast). The quote definitely has come to give me a different perspective on a few things in my life. However, one of those things very much relates to how I see the world around me whether I am travelling or at home.

When I am travelling I find myself looking at everything with wonder and amazement. But in reality, everywhere I travel is just someone else’s, home, town, city or country. What I am looking at with wonder and amazement someone else looks at with the everyday utility that I look around at home. I do wonder what some people must think when they see tourists in their city. Where I see something new, they see something the same as they have seen it every day for the last fifty years.

It took some time but a thought began to occur to me. What if I was to look at where I live through the same eyes that I use when I travel. I thought it might just work to help me see where I live and better appreciate the area. With better appreciation, I thought maybe I might be able to capture and share it with the world. In many ways like I was travelling there and sharing any other destination, I have travelled to.

The Results

You have been getting to see some of this change of mindset, or me seeing things through different eyes recently. There have been a number of posts that have explored the areas that I live and visit often. I hope that you have been enjoying them, but if you have missed any here are a couple to check out.

Cleveland Point

Cleveland Point - Old Cleveland Lighthouse

Manly Harbour Village

Manly Harbour Village Walk

Victoria Point Recreation Reserve

How Do You Live Your Life?

When it comes to the quote by Albert Einstein, How do you live your life? Do you see everything as a miracle or nothing as a miracle? What would happen if you decided to see everything as a miracle? Would be interested in your thoughts in the comments below.

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