Exploring Seattle From The Space Needle

Seattle - Lake Union

Today turned out to be a nice day in Seatle, with the sun shining for most of the day. There was some rain later in the day, but that did not spoil it at all. The Seattle City Pass was the guide for the two activities today, which include the Seattle Space Needle and Pacific Science Center

Seattle Space Needle

The Space Needle is something that I have visited before, but it is also worth another visit. The view from the top today though was much better than last time. Even though it was overcast, on my last visit, there was rain, and it was very windy.

Seattle - Lake Union

The view was much clearer today without the rain or the wind. Looking north over Lake Union.

Seattle - Space Needle City View

With this photo looking to the south of the main CBD of Seattle.

Seattle - Washington State Ferry

Above is one of the Ferry’s that services between Seattle and Bainbridge Island.

Pacific Science Centre Seattle

The Pacific Science Centre would maybe have not even come up on my radar except for being included in the Seattle City Pass. I do not believe that the entry price is all that good in the value wise. Especially when there were two or three additional exhibits that cost extra. That being said visiting as part of the Seattle City Pass was well worth it with an included IMAX movie.

The Pacific Science centre still does have a reasonable amount of exhibits included in the standard price. There are the dinosaurs that are a little hands on with wheels to open and close their mouths. Plus a couple of other sorts of hands-on displays, it is like going back to being a kid again. There is also a butterfly house that was good for a little photography.

Seattle - Pacific Science Center Dinosaur Seattle - Pacific Science Center Butterfly

The Seattle City Pass also included one IMAX movie as part of the entry. Due to our timing, there were only a couple of options. So, in the end, we made a choice to see a movie about Lewis and Clark. They are two explored who in the early 1800’s made the first expedition from east to west coast of America.

Dinner and Shopping

For dinner this evening we went to a favourite restaurant of my friends, Pablo Veggie Cuisine. The restaurant is an Indian one offering many vegetarian dishes. I decided to try a meal that included a handmade cheese in a curried sauce, with rice and naan bread. Not being a frequent consumer of Indian food I opted for the mild option.

After dinner on the way to find something for dessert we made a stop at a couple of shops. The first was Ross, a discount clothing store, and the second was Target. I had been looking for another long sleeve shirt, but it looks like mostly summer clothing out now.

Not all that relevant to what I wanted to purchase, but interesting is the difference between Target in Australia and the USA. While some of the looks for the store resembles what some Targets in Australia used to look like, they are different companies. Which is evident once you come to the supermarket section with basically everything you need food wise as well.

Finally time for dessert and a store at Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream. I opted for the chocolate therapy flavour. Must say it was not bad at all.

Coming Up

Today turned out to be a perfect day in Seattle. Even though some late rain came through that did not get in the way of seeing anything. Tomorrow there are another two stops we have planned with the Seattle City Pass. Before coming to Monday which honestly we are still discussing what could be done. So that might be a ltitle bit of a surprise to come.

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  • Liz Irvine
    April 3, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    hi mate . glad to see you are practicing for thosae long waits in africa to get the right animal photo… it seems that life is like a butterfly not a box of chocolate s hey!!!!!! love liz

  • Liz Irvine
    April 3, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    I want a copy of that butterfly photo ! fanbloodytastic mate!

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