Cruise Days – Suva, Ile Des Pins and Noumea

Ile Des Pins

Between Leaving Western Samoa and arriving into Australia, there are three more ports. The first after one day at sea is Suva, Fiji, closely followed by two ports in New Caledonia, Ile des Pins and Noumea. Following these three ports, there will be two days at sea before arriving in Australia.

While I enjoyed seeing and exploring these ports, I must say they are not places I will be rushing to visit again. Getting to and sampling Both Suva and Noumea via cruise ship is a great way to get a taste. While Ile Des Pins is a nice beach getaway, but there are options much closer to home. However, this being said I did enjoy my time in all three

Suva, Fiji

My last tour for the Cruise is in Fiji, Walk on the Wild Side. The tour takes you on a bushwalk not far from Suva. I almost thought the wild side might have been regarding the bus trip from the ship to the start of the hike. The bus is not designed for the road that we needed to travel down.

Suva Bushwalk Waterfall

The was not the easiest of walks, being rather uneven and with plenty of roots across the path. For me, this was an excellent hike, and I loved every minute of it. The water across the path, the big steps, and stairs did not bother me. However, some of the other passengers on the tour were not as agile as I am. But at the end of the day everyone made it through, and nature here is quite spectacular.

Suva Bushwalk Waterfall

Exploring Suva

Once the tour returned to the ship, I grabbed a bite to eat and went to explore Suva a little further. The first thing that I noticed about Suva is the level of pollution. The air seems thick with smog, and I suspect it mostly comes from the ageing vehicles used in Fiji. It hardly makes it somewhere that you want to spend to much time.

The shopping in Suva seems to be a little bit of a mixed bag. With some shops appearing to be rather cheap and others rather expensive. There was nothing that inspired me to buy, so it was soon back to the ship.

Suva Sailaway

Ile Des Pins, New Caledonia

Ultimately, today I decided that today instead of running around everywhere, I was going to the beach. I am sure that there are possibly other things to do on the island of Ile Des Pins, but that is for another visit. Being that the ship was at anchor and access to the island was via tender, I only have photos from the ship. I can assure you though there are many beautiful scenes on the island. But I only have photos from the ship.

Ile Des Pins

Noumea, New Caledonia

Just like going between the two ports in the Samoa region, Ile Des Pins and Noumea are not far apart. In fact, so close that it took less than six hours to go from Ile Des Pins to Noumea. The ship arrived around 11 pm, and it was something different to arrive into port at night. However, we may have been in port, but could not go ashore until the morning. Noumea is only the second port I have been in at night, and it gives the area a different feel.

Noumea Night Arrival

After a good nights sleep and some breakfast, I ventured ashore with a group of friends. We started the morning finding a local cafe to have a coffee. Continuing the day exploring the shopping area and some parks. The shopping is not great; most stores are more directed at the local population. With just a couple of souvenir shops selling a somewhat interesting collection of souvenirs.

Noumea by day

It might be the area that we walked, but I did not find a whole lot to photograph here. Possibly the best photos that I have are from the arrival and departure. However, I am sure that Noumea will be a place that I will return. Mostly because it is a popular port to include on cruises from Australia, due to how close it is.

Noumea Sailaway

Heading To Australia

There are two more days at sea after we depart Noumea, before arriving in Australia. The first port in Australia is Eden, just south of Sydney in New South Wales. With the second and final port for the cruise being Sydney, Australia.

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