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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Sunrise
Cruising Feature

A Sunrise In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The first time I decided to book a trip and travel overseas, I had no idea what my future travels would hold for me. I booked a trip to visit four countries, where the predominant language was mainly English.…

MS Volendam at Anchor
Cruising Feature

What Happens When You Miss A Port?

A cruise holiday can be an excellent option to see a lot of great places without as much hassle. The majority of the time everything goes as planned and the ship visits all of the ports on the itinerary.…

Cruising and Your Mobile Phone
Cruising Feature

Cruising & Your Mobile Phone

Eight years ago when I first travelled overseas, a phone was only a secondary consideration. The smartphone as we know it today was still in its infancy, and the ability to get a short-term SIM card in some countries…

28 Day Panama Canal Cruise
Cruising Feature

When Cruising Do I Have To Go Ashore?

There is a question that comes up on occasions when talking about cruising. It is a question that does not seem quite as silly as you might think when you first hear it. The question of “Do I have…

Cruising Feature

The Changing Prices of Cruising

A cruise can be an excellent option for a holiday, especially if you want a reasonably good idea of what you are going to pay up front. However, when you start looking at what a cruise will cost it…

First Cruise MS Statendam in San Diego
Cruising Feature

The Changing Names of Cruiseships

You might think that the name of a cruise ship is something that is set and never changes. But it is something that can change for ships, especially if they are changing owners. While it might not be something…

Victoria - Cruise ships at Ogden Point - Norwegian Pearl, Sapphire Princess, & Holland America Line MS Oosterdam
Cruising Feature

5 Things to Enjoy Onboard a Cruise Ship

There are many aspects of travelling by cruise ship that I enjoy. But I decided I would somehow narrow it down to five to share with you today. I have tried to pick out those things that are available…

Holland America Line - MS Koningsdam

Top 5 Cruise Ships I Would Like To Travel On

Travelling by cruise ship is one of my favourite ways to travel. When you take a moment to look at some of the cruise ships and the facilities, it is not hard to see why. Some of the cruise…

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