Top 5 Cruise Ships I Would Like To Travel On

Holland America Line - MS Koningsdam

Travelling by cruise ship is one of my favourite ways to travel. When you take a moment to look at some of the cruise ships and the facilities, it is not hard to see why.

Some of the cruise ships now are so much more than a five-star hotel. They include top restaurants, entertainment venues, and some even push the limits as a theme park.

Top 5 Cruise Ships

With nearly 300 cruise ships sailing the world’s oceans those who cruise are spoiled for choice. However, many factors influence just which ships you might want to sail on. Either way here is a little look at the five cruise ships I would love to sail on.

I will just add that I hope you don’t mind a slightly different approach to the photos today. I have embedded some images from Instagram since I don’t have my own photos of these ships.

Royal Caribbean – Harmony Of The Seas

In some ways, I questioned adding the Harmony Of The Seas to my list. The reason it is on my list is that it is the biggest cruise ship on earth. Which of course leaves you with some positive and negative points to sailing on board.

On the positive side, it leaves you with the ability to say I have cruised on the biggest cruise ship on earth. I also highly doubt at any time you would find yourself bored, with such a large ship to explore. Plus I think you would find yourself keeping fit just getting around the ship, especially if you get lost.

On the other hand, there are also some negatives. You may be on the biggest cruise ship on earth, but you are sharing that space with up to 9,000 other people including guests and crew. The only other downside I can think of is getting access to favourite activities.

Either way, I believe that it would be interesting to at least give sailing on board the biggest cruise ship on earth a try. Although depending on when I cruise, it could be Royal Caribbean’s next Oasis Class ship Symphony Of The Seas. It will be just that little bit bigger again.

Holland America Line – MS Koningsdam

Holland America Line - MS Koningsdam Cruise Ship

Photo Courtesy of Holland America Line Cruise Image Library

In the past, I have cruised with Holland America three times. On board the MS Statendam, MS Volendam and MS Nieuw Amsterdam. So to me, it is only natural to want to try their newest ship.

The MS Koningsdam is the first Pinnacle Class ship in the Holland America Line fleet. Also placing her as the largest ship in the Holland America Line fleet.

It is also a case that the particular ship in this place may change depending on when I cruise. The next Pinnacle Class ship for Holland America Line will be the MS Nieuw Statendam. Which would make this slightly more of an iconic experience considering my first ever cruise was onboard the MS Statendam. The Ms Nieuw Statendam is due to start sailing from November 2018.

Windstar Cruises – Wind Surf

Wind Surf and the other ships owned by Windstar Cruises are something of a unique experience. Wind Surf itself is one of the largest sailing cruise ships in the world. Meaning that rather than using motors like most modern cruise ships, Wind Surf can cruise purely under wind power.

A cruise on Wind Surf for me would be about the experience. It is not every day that you could get the opportunity to sail on board a wind-powered cruise ship.

Silversea Cruises – Silver Whisper

To me, a cruise with Silversea Cruises would be a small bit of indulgence. The Silver Whisper would offer a unique cruise experience being a ship on the smaller side. But also along with her sister ship, Silver Shadow provides the highest space to passenger ratio of any cruise ship.

While the price to cruise with Silversea Cruises is considerably more than I am used to, the price is all inclusive. It may be the only thing that might stand in my way of cruising on board Silver Whisper, but only time will tell.

Cunard Line – Queen Mary 2

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The Queen Mary 2 is something of a unique ship in the current cruise industry. It is currently the only ship classed as an Ocean Liner. Although I was not able to find much in the way that truly defines the differences. Some of it comes down to the way in which she was built and some of it the Transatlantic itineraries.

Either way, it would be a great experience to sail the Southhampton to New York route on board Queen Mary 2. The traditional route that the Titanic was to take. Alternatively, the world cruise would be an equally exciting experience.

Which Ship Do You Want To Cruise On?

In some ways maybe some of the ships I have listed above are a little bit of a guilty pleasure. But in the end, if you have the opportunity to cruise on them I would say why not.

If you had the chance to cruise on any cruise ship which one would you choose? Let me know in the comments below, which ship and why?

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