Transpacific Cruise – Sea Days Update

Volendam - Sea Days Entertainment

The ship departed from Long Beach, California around 5 pm on Saturday. The ship headed to the south for a little and then we started on a Westerly course for Hawaii. The next port of call is Hilo, Hawaii and we will be four sea days before arriving.

Sea Days When Cruising

Everyday onboard the cruise you receive a program outlining what is on each day. There are many more activities on sea days as opposed to days when the ship is in port.

So far I have enjoyed a couple of different things. One that caught my attention straight away was the Dance Classes. Although the first one is not exactly the sort of classes, I am used to. I have previous taken Latin Dance Classes, and the first dance class was Tap Dance. So I will have to see what else comes up.


Volendam - Sea Days Entertainment

The program also includes information about what entertainment will be on around the ship. There is quite a lot of different entertainment in the evening and can be a little difficult to make a choice at times. It is easier to just explain each of the options.

  • Main Show – Every night there is one main show played twice to accommodate everyone around their dinner times. These are a mixture of the onboard entertainment staff performing shows and guest entertainers.  The guest entertainers can include singers, magicians, acrobats, comedians and other occasional options.
  • String Quartet – A group of four string players whom, perform classical music each night.
  • The Neptunes Trio – Play a range of older songbook style music, as well as a good range of Ballroom dance styles.
  • Guitar Soloist – Plays a good range of music from Country to some great recent music.
  • Piano Player – Playing a variety of music on the piano.
  • Crows Nest – Later in the night the DJ is also playing a good range of music to a certain theme before moving on to taking requests.

What Do You Want To Know

Since I am on board, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about being a cruise ship. If you have any questions, leave them in a comment below, and I will do my best to include it in the next update.

Otherwise, at this point, I will be looking to post an update soon sharing a little more about the food onboard. There are some different restaurants and food options, so stay tuned.

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