Travel Explored Week 11 Round Up

Travel Explored - Week 11 Round Up

When it comes to coffee there are many ways in which I think it fits in with travel quite well. It could be something about the wide variety of coffees that are out there or maybe the number of exotic destinations that it can come from. But when you put that altogether there is an almost endless potential for the ways in which you can enjoy coffee.

In some ways drinking coffee, or at least some coffee is kind of like travelling. You can select that single origin from some far-off countries like Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Guatemala or Kenya. You are essentially choosing to try and sample the flavour that country brings to the coffee. Of course, there is going to be some level of the interaction that other parts of the supply chain that can alter that flavour. But essentially the bean does bring a lot to the party.

There is also any number of different experiences that you can have when it comes to coffee. In the past, I have attended events where you could experience the cupping process or a sensory workshop. But in the post I shared on Tuesday I take you through a new event I had the opportunity to attend, An Evening With The Roaster. While I have seen a coffee roaster operating before, this event covered a little more in-depth about how the process works. Definitely, one to check out if you are interested in the whole chain of coffee.

But of course there is also a number of travel-related posts this week, so please take a look below if you have missed anything. I do hope that you are enjoying the content that I am sharing and would love any feedback you wish to provide in the comments below.

New Content

Monday 12th March 2018
Coffee, Break Fluid – Week 10, 2018

Coffee - Banter Coffee House, Manly

The week of coffee that I shared was quite an interesting mix, with a couple of local cafes to home and a few around Brisbane as well. The feature image comes from the cafe Banter Coffee House, one that I enjoy visiting and serves up coffee from Roast by Yili. Other cafes that featured this week include Bioney Cafe, The Daily Coffee Co., Station 82, Poppy’s on Bloom, The Coffee Door and The Garden Grind.

Tuesday 13th March 2018
Viva Coffee Roasters – An Evening With The Roaster

Viva Coffee Roasters - Cooling Tray

On Thursday the 8th of March I had the opportunity to attend an event at Viva Coffee Roasters. The event was called An Evening With The Roaster, and it was very much as described. The evening kicked off at around 6 pm and we spent two hours, cupping nine coffees. The cupping was followed by choosing a selection of three single origins to be included in a coffee blend. The evening finished with the blend being roasted and getting a bag of coffee to take home.

Wednesday 14th March 2018
What Happens When You Miss A Port?

MS Volendam at Anchor

When you go cruising the there is a good chance you will get to visit everywhere you are expecting to go. However, there are those times when you just might end up having to miss a port or the itinerary is changed. These changes don’t happen all that often, but sometimes it is nice to know what to expect if they do happen.

Thursday 15th March 2018
Travel Security Check Without Losing Anything

Get Through Airport Security without Losing Anything

I cannot recall the number of times that I passed through security at various points in my travel before thinking that there has to be a better way. The chances of losing something are so high and there are a few simple things you can do that might help you to not lose anything. But it all comes down to being prepared and that can take just a couple of minutes extra. However, you will be glad you did when you get to your destination with everything you are expecting to.

Friday 16th March 2018
Cleveland Point to Victoria Point on the Bike

Eddie Santagiuliana Way

I have been looking to share this post with you for some time now. But as it grew I gradually decided to split the post of which I already shared a number of pieces. In this post I cover specifically the segment of riding from Cleveland Point to Victoria Point. A beautiful ride that covers around 17km if you are interested in hopping on your bike.

Saturday 17th March 2018
Time Zone, Daylight Savings & Travelling

Time Zones, Daylight Savings & Travel

Do you ever get confused a little with what the time is when you are travelling. The difference in time and daylight savings can be a little confusing at times. But there is a website that might be able to help a little.

What I am Reading

20 Stunning Photos That Will Make You Want To Travel

I must admit that there was not a whole lot of reading in this one. It was though a little inspiring as there were a couple of destinations that I have visited. But there was also quite a number that are on my list of places that I would still love to visit in the future.

The World’s Most Spectacular Bridges

I think that maybe I should have changed the name of the section this week to what I am looking at. But this post did catch my attention with the first picture of the reflected stone bridge. There are a couple of bridges in here that I do remember visiting and/or walking across. Unfortunately, none of the scary looking ones though that you feel might not quite be that safe.

What Are The Must Visit Cities In Italy?

I am always interested to see other people’s perspective on cities and countries that I have visit. While I have not exactly visit Italy in depth, I have visited half the cities on this list. While I would love to return to Venice and Rome, I am not so sold on Naples. The other three cities could be on a future list for me though.

Thank You

I would like to thank you for stopping by and reading through the blog. If you have found anything that I share interesting or useful please consider sharing it with your friends. If you have anything that you think I would be interested in reading feel free to leave a comment below.

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