Travel Explored – Week In Review

Travel Explore - Week In Review

Today it is time to take a look back at the week that has just passed on Travel Explored. There have been some great new posts this week that I hope you have had a chance to read. But if not they are all below, plus coming up next week is the last post covering my time in New Zealand in 2015.

Unlike the last couple of weeks this week there have not been anything like the sunrises I captured and shared. In fact even though I have been up and about early most days, there was not a lot to capture.

Over the next week I hope to be getting out with the camera again. We will have to see if it is sunrise or sunset or something completely different. The following week there is going to be a little bit of a trip to the area around the Sunshine Coast. A great area for a short trip from Brisbane or even spend more time if you are coming from interstate or overseas. I will be looking to share a little bit from that area as well, so looking forward to that.

New Content

Monday 08 May 2017
Exploring Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch - Governors Bay
Back in 2015, I visited the city of Christchurch in New Zealand as part of a two-week trip. At the time I did not get to write a post about my time in Christchurch, but not that is rectified with this post. I explored a good portion of the city, but there is still plenty to see the next time I visit.

Wednesday 10 May 2017
Advice For Planning A Long Overseas Trip

My Advice for Planning a Long Overseas Trip
Planning a short one or two week holiday is often easy. You might visit one destination and just need one return flight, one hotel, and the like. However, planning a longer overseas trip can be a little more tricky. You may need multiple flights and hotels and then there is a matter of what to do in each place you visit. I take a look at some of the aspects that I have considered in planning my own trips.

Friday 12 May 2017
2 Ways I Avoid Jet Lag When Travelling

Avoid Jet Lag
For many people, Jet Lag is a fact of travelling, but it can sometimes be avoided. I have found that I have had little impact from Jet Lag by taking a little bit of an unusual approach to how I sleep and when I sleep.

What I’m Reading

While it looks like I share a lot of content myself, I do also get a chance to read other people’s blogs as well. Below are just a couple of posts I found interesting and wanted to share with you.

Touring A Coffee Farm In Boquete, Panama

For anyone that has been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you might know that I enjoy coffee. So when I discovered this recap of a tour around a coffee farm in Panama I was very interested in having a read.

11 Things To Do On A Sunny Day In Northern Ireland

Ireland is definitely a place on my list to visit someday, maybe even in the next couple of years. So while not a lot to look at visually there are a couple of nice ideas to consider here.

17 Unique Cafes In Asia To Visit In 2017

While it mentioned cafes it is I guess another link back to coffee. I seem to really be getting more and more drawn to the coffee theme here. Anyway, there are some interesting cafes on this list, although some that I might not be quite as interested in.

Instagram Top Posts

Coming Next Week

Here is a short teaser for the following week on the upcoming posts. If you have any requests or thoughts on what you would like to read feel free to get in touch via the Contact Me page.

Exploring Wellington, New Zealand

The last city that I visited when I travelled to New Zealand in 2015 was the city of Wellington. It was another city that I had not managed to write a post about and I have finally got around to rectify this.

Don’t Plan An Early Start Without A Plan

On too many occasions when I have travelled I find myself getting started much later than I would like. I love to get an early start though so it comes down to trying to build processes to help get started early.

Budget Ideas When Shopping For Souvenirs

When travelling it can be rather easy to get caught up spending a lot of money on Souvenirs. I have probably spent a little more than needed in the past. But have some ideas that might help you avoid overspending on your next trip.

Enjoy The Weekend

I hope that you have enjoyed the new posts this week. If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below or use the contact me page to get in touch directly.

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