Travel Explored Week 14 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 14 Round Up

I must say that this week did not get off to a productive start for me. Through the long weekend for Easter, I let things slide a little and found a little trouble getting the momentum back from there. There were a few days where I end up publishing posts a little late and that even includes this one today. But not to worry, I think that I am back in a place to get things on track next week.

Next week and the week that has just passed have included a little of the ongoing saga which is my car. I own a 2010 Holden Cruze, which I purchased new just over eight years ago this week. The past three months have seen multiple visits to the mechanic and some expensive repairs. In the morning it is back to the mechanic again, thankfully just for a service. But the engine light has been on as well in the last week, so who knows what is up now.

I don’t say this so much to complain, these things happen in life and you do just keep on moving on. However, I share it because it does get me thinking that it is about time to start looking for another vehicle. With my thoughts being not so much towards a car at the moment but more a van which I could convert for travelling in. To be honest I did not overly enjoy the campervan experience in New Zealand a couple of years ago. However, looking at the idea of having my own van converted in a way that makes logical sense for usability I think works. Time will tell how all of this is going to work out though and I can guarantee that if I go this route it will end up on the blog here.

Anyway, while some of the content might have been a little late this week, there is still a full schedule here. There are a few posts from my time away up around Noosa and Caloundra in the past couple of weeks. But I would also love to hear any thoughts from you about what you might like to see going forward on the blog. So if you have any suggestions please consider leaving a comment below or getting in touch through the contact page.

New Content

Monday 2nd April 2018
Wake Up To Drink Coffee – Week 13, 2018

Coffee - Bellissimo Coffee

Week 13 saw four coffee roasters from around Brisbane & Gold Coast featured. I almost considered sharing all roasters but decided to stick with a mixture of coffee roasters and cafes. The photo above is from Bellissimo a coffee roaster located at Bulimba. The other roasters featured include Veneziano at West End, Silipo Coffee at Ashmore and Aromas at Murarrie. While the cafes that rounded out the week include Two Shots and Frontier Coffee House who both serve coffee from Dramanti Artisan Roaster. With the last spot, I shared being The Espresso Bar at Victoria Point.

Tuesday 3rd April 2018
A Morning Walk Around Caloundra

Caloundra - Pumicestone Passage Inlet

Recently I had a chance to spend a couple of days at Caloundra. Whenever I travel I always try to get out for a morning walk and while I was in Caloundra this was no different. In this post, I share a few of the spots where I walked along the Coastal Pathway and main street. Also a little look at the spot where I stopped for the morning coffee.

Wednesday 4th April 2018
New Computer! One Month Later

New Computer! One Month Later

For a couple of months, my five-year-old MacBook Pro had been starting to play up. Finally, at the beginning of March, it decided to give up. Rather than spending the money trying to repair it, I opted to spend a little more and get a new computer. I was a little surprised to find just how much better a new computer can be in terms of speed. You can find out a little more about what I like about the new comptuer in this post.

Thursday 5th April 2018
Walking Shelly Beach To Caloundra

Shelly Beach & Caloundra - Shelly Beach View

While I do often walk in the morning when I am travelling, there are also other times of day for a walk. In this case, while staying in Caloundra I took a walk from Shelly Beach to Caloundra in the afternoon. There are many great viewpoints along this route looking out over the ocean. But there are also many memorials to the people who have served Australia in military conflicts as well.

Friday 6th April 2018
Sightseeing On A Budget

Sightseeing On A Budget

While travelling I have always been somewhat conscious of the amount that I spend on sightseeing. While in most cases it has not been a large part of my consideration. There have been times that I noticed just how much difference it can make. Sometimes it is as simple as taking a walk, or looking for the place that offers free entry. In other situations it might be finding a discount offer or package that includes seeing multiple attractions.

Saturday 7th April 2018
Going For A Wander At Woombye

Woombye - Memorial Park

Woombye is a small community in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. I have stopped here on a couple of occasions in the past and it is a nice spot for a little walk. On this occasion, I captured some photos and share a little of this town with you. If you are heading north from Brisbane it could be a great point to stop off for a break as it is not too far off the motorway.

What I am Reading


Pumpkin Island Paradise

The name Mark Fitz is one that I have seen many times on Instagram in the past year. Whether it is coming up that he has liked a photo or seeing many of his great photos. Finally, I find out that he has a blog when I came across this post about a small island with a unique name that he visited. An interesting spot and somewhere that I would definitely like to check out one day.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Venice Beach, California

The first time that I travelled I had this idea that Los Angeles would only ever be a place that I would transit through. I did not see the side of Hollywood many people want to explore or know what else was around the city. However, on my second trip, I had some days to spare at the end and decided to spend them in Los Angeles. I wish I had had this post available than as it would have helped me get much more out of Venice Beach. A spot I end up spending about an hour in, mostly along the beachfront.

Walking Tenerife – Erjoes to Masca

The mention of Walking in the title is probably what drew me to this post. But the photos in the post have inspired me to want to visit the area for sure. While The island is part of Spain, it lies in the Atlantic Ocean of the southern coast of Morroco. So I don’t think it will be the easiest and most accessible place to get to from Australia, but it is definitely on the list.

Thank You

I hope that you have enjoyed this collection of posts for the week, even if it is a little late. As usual, I would love to know what you think so feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively, you can also let me know if there is anything else you would like to see me sharing on the blog.

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