Travel Explored Week 13 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 13 Round Up

The past week has been a little bit of a comedown after having a few days away the week before. Even though it was a short break and just a little north at the Sunshine Coast, it is still a change from the ordinary. While it might have been just five days away, it has been something of a struggle to get back into the regular routine. It has only just sort of come back together over the weekend, even though it is essentially a holiday weekend.

Talking about being away and the long weekend, though also brings me to another thought. Over the next two weeks around South East Queensland, is going to be a very busy time. Not only is it the regular school break when it is not that easy to get away anyway. The next two weeks also covers the Commonwealth Games which are being held on the Gold Coast. With some overflow venues not too far away from home. It will make for an interesting time, although I am not attending anything regarding the games, there is going to be a lot of extra people around. So I do not think that I am going to want to travel all that far from home for the time being.

Anyway into the round-up from the last week. I think that there are a few posts that are quite interesting this week and hope you will agree. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the individual posts or just your comments in general.

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Monday 26th March 2018
Coffee, What I Live For – Week 12, 2018

Coffee - Dramanti Artisan Roaster

To start the week there was another great collection of coffee spots from around Brisbane. Above is one of my favourite spots, the roastery cafe at Dramanti Artisan Roaster in Morningside. But also featured this week was B + C Lab Cafe, Passiontree Velvet, Le Bistro, Tighty Whities, Frankee & Co and Sunday’s Cafe. I do find it surprising sometimes that I can keep on finding more great cafes, but they do just keep appearing.

Tuesday 27th March 2018
A Walk Along Burnett Street in Buderim


Last week I had the chance to travel to the Sunshine Coast. Spending four nights in the area on the northbound trip I had some time to take a walk in Buderim. The area here is a lovely spot and great for both a little look at some unique and interesting shops. But there is also quite a range of great little cafes along the street here as well.

Wednesday 28th March 2018
Considerations When Booking a Back to Back Cruise

Are You Considering Booking Back To Back Cruises

Before I ever set foot on a cruise ship I discovered one of the benefits of booking a back to back cruise. That benefit was having more time on board the ship without paying a whole lot more. While it will vary from cruise to cruise, it can be a great way to make an extended break more affordable. There are of course other benefits but you will have to take a look at the article to find them out.

Thursday 29th March 2018
3 Reasons To Pay For Good Accommodation

3 Reasons To Pay For Good Accommodation

When it comes to where I stay while travelling, I do like to pay for a little comfort. In this post I cover the three main reasons why I like to pay a littl extra for my accommodation. While the considerations might be different for everyone, these are the ones that I find the most important for me. Likewise I would be interested to hear about what other people think as well.

Friday 30th March 2018
Exploring Around The Town of Eumundi

Eumundi - Main Street

The town of Eumundi is located towards the northern end of the Sunshine Coast. It is a great small town to visit and take a walk around, which is just what I did recently when staying in Noosaville. The town has some history to it and if you happen to visit on Wednesday or Saturday some rather popular markets.

Saturday 31st March 2018
Pay For Experiences! Not Things

Godley Head view over Christchurch Beach

When it comes to experiences the ones that you get to physically experience in the first person are best. Although it is often so much easier to just buy things these days. But when it comes to things or experiences one of the most important questions to ask is what will you remember later. Will you remember that random thing you bought that you lost interest in after a week, or will you remember that physical experience that you fully experienced?

What I am Reading

You’re Probably Pronouncing These British Towns Incorrectly

Sometimes an article catches your eye for the feeling that you have had the same experience, which is just what drove me to look at this one. I visited New Zealand as part of a work trip and found myself making very similar mistakes. Just purely because I did not know about some of the variables of the way letter combinations are pronounced. Thankfully the people I was working with quickly set me straight and did not leave me hanging.

17 Ways Qantas Is Going to Make a 17-hour Flight Comfortable for Passengers

A topical article for this week is the first flight on the new Qantas route from Perth to London. The trip will cover the distance in a single 17-hour 20-minute stretch and a little less for the return. They do seem to have made some interesting choices in fitting out the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft. But that drew me to this article was the fact that I visited the Boeing Factory in the months just prior to the first deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner. At the time the factory had completed 787 aircraft parked in any space they could find, awaiting the final regulatory approvals.

An Insanely Cool Kid-Friendly Weekend In Cleveland

It is some time since I would have been classed as a kid, although some people do tell me to stop acting like one at times. Either way, though this looks like a pretty good spot to visit for both the big and the little kids. There is plenty in Cleveland that looks like it would interest me, so maybe it is somewhere to add to the list for a visit.

Thank You

I hope that you have enjoyed a look at this week’s happenings on Travel Explored. You can always get in touch with the comments below or the contact page, I would love to hear from you.

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