Travel Explored Week 16 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 16 Round Up

The past week has to say the least been a little interesting. I am still working through the process of getting a new car and still very much in the searching stage. So while I am taking my car out for short essential trips, that is about all. I am spending a little time on the bike, notching up some 129 kilometres on it this week. But I have also had some biggish distractions in considering the future of this blog and my online ideas.

So let’s quickly break these out, starting with the car search. Where I live is not exactly next door to car yards. But at the same time, I do not entirely see the point of going around car yards with the ability to search online these days. That being said I did head to a couple of yards on Saturday and very much narrowed down what I am looking for. Which comes down to two different vehicles. A Toyota Camry or a Hyundai i40, both of which are full-size sedans and certain years that will come in at roughly the price I want to pay.

From the car situation to the blog situation. At present, while I do love to travel, I also realise that I am not doing quite the amount of travel I would like to be. I have at present been posting daily for a little over two months and wonder if this is best serving you my audience. I am contemplating at the moment how I post, what I post and even another project as well. But it is still not fully developed enough to share with you. I can tell you that as soon as it is fully developed enough I will be sharing a little more here.

Anyway time to get into some new content and a little of what I have been reading this week. We have some coffee and a few experimental posts where I have been resharing some of my pictures from my travels. In these experimental posts, I have been trying to dig a little deeper in the image. Either trying to explore the image more or a little of what the image means or how it comes to mean something.

New Content

Monday 16th April 2018
Insert Coffee To Begin – Week 15, 2018

Coffee - First Coffee Co.

In the coffee this week are a couple of cafes that I have very much enjoyed with some great coffee to share. Two come from Wellington Point Café Mila and First. The rest are around Brisbane and include, Same Same But Different, Urban Providore, Arte & Gusto, Stone Throw and Bell Jar Café. I am ever surprised at the coffee that you discover at some of the most unlikely spots.

Tuesday 17th April 2018
An Afternoon Walk At Noosaville

Noosaville - Noosa River

The last of my posts from the time that I recently spent in Noosa and Caloundra. The first afternoon in Noosa I took some time to walk along the river and parklands that bordered it. Taking some time to have a look at the shops and cafes that are in the area as well.

Wednesday 18th April 2018
A Visit To Stonehenge in England

Stonehenge in England

A look back at the first time that I visited England and how I got started arriving in the country. I share a little of the experience and the far from best choices that I made in my bookings. But it all worked out, with a great experience and tale to tell.

Thursday 19th April 2018
A View of the City of Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland

The one thing about the way I travel and explore a city is that sharing the experience in a blog is difficult. Becuase I manage to fit so much into one day, I end up with far too much to share in one post. Especially at the time I was travelling, I was sharing maybe 7-10 images each day. But many days I had two or three times that many that I would like to share. One photo, in particular, that should have made the cut that didn’t is this one from Reykjavik in Iceland.

Friday 20th April 2018
First Overseas Photo – Vancouver, Canada

First Photo Overseas - Vancouver, Canada

The first few days when I arrived overseas were something of a blur. That is beside the fact that the first day is rather extended by the time zone change and the travel. But in that first couple of days, I end up not sharing very much photos, because there were not many. But like the image above from Reykjavik, this one also missed the cut. It is, in fact, the first ever image I took after leaving home.

Saturday 21st April 2018
A Little Out of Focus in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary - A little out of focus

As I was looking through some photos this one popped up and very much gave me a thought of how I came to visit Budapest in Hungary. I was staying in Vienna and a day trip to Budapest came up as an option to fill some spare time. So while it was not the focus of my trip, it did pop up along the way.

What I am Reading

5 reasons why you should consider buying an Icelandic SIM card for your trip to Iceland

While doing some research earlier in the week I came across this post. I was contemplating the idea of when I travelled through Europe the difficulties of getting a sim card. While these days I consider spending more than just two or three days in a city or country, buying a sim card would be rather practical. Being that Iceland is high on the list of places to revisit this is great information.

VAN Converted into Quaint MOBILE BOOKSTORE

Ok if you clicked the link I will absolutely admit, there was no reading here (maybe I should rename this section). But this was a video that very much got my attention and started the ideas mulling in my mind. It is an idea that I rather like and I did consider going 100% at starting my own in Brisbane. However, will start out with a little more restrained research first and see what happens in the future.

Camping in Colorado’s Lincoln Creek | Photo Essay

If there is one thing that I love it is getting out into nature with the camera and seeing what this planet has to offer. The next best thing that I can think of is reading about and seeing how someone else enjoys that natural beauty. Although I honestly have no idea if I will ever make it here, this is the sort of place that I would love to explore sometime int he future.

Thank You

I would like to thank you again for stopping by this week and checking out what I have had to share. Also for those who spotted it, sorry for some little issues with a half cut post publishing a little early. I had the post scheduled and had left the post open on the computer without saving it, so the half edited version posted. Hope to see you all again next week for another great roundup of posts.

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