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Travel Explored New Blog

I would like to welcome you to my new blog, Travel Explored. My name is Joel Brown and this is a blog as you might expect all about travel. Here I will explore where I travel, how I travel and the travel of other people.

The beginning

Although this is a new blog, it is also the continuation of another blog. The other blog was called Joel Travels, and it started back in 2010.

I was 26 years old and chosen for the most part to get head down and work as a priority over anything else. The wish to travel though was gnawing away at me, though. In fact, it was around 18 months ago I got my first passport and it was still unused.

In March of 2010, I took my first real trip away by myself for a week to Melbourne. Which is where the blog started with my first post discussing “Booking Flight To Melbourne.” It continued with daily posts from my time in Melbourne.

Over the following two years, the blog continued including posts on multiple overseas trips. Over this period I visited 31 countries, and countless cities and towns. Sharing photos and stories of the places I visited while travelling.

However, there was a number of distractions over the following years and a distinct lack of posts followed. Until recently when I decided I want to get back to sharing. Sharing about the places that I travel and the way in which I travel.  But there was also something else that I wanted to do. I wanted to explore more than just my own travel experiences. I wanted to connect and share the travel experiences of others.

The result is Travel Explored.

Travel Explored

Travel Explored is now the home of the posts from my overseas travels in the past. I have moved across some 200+ posts with over 1200+ images. Which is just to get things started.

Travel explored is a place where I will share my travels both through stories and pictures. Additionally, over time I hope to also integrate video and audio into this mix. Potentially this will be in the form of a Podcast and Youtube channel. But at the moment I am still working on the details for these.

But there is much more to Travel Explored than what I am going to offer. I want it to be mostly about what I can offer you as the reader. So I hope you will join me on the journey to Dream, Explore and Discover the amazing world around us.

Connect On Social Media

The best way to keep up to date with my travels and updates here is to follow Travel Explored on social media. Travel Explored is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. Just click the link for your favourite network to go to my profile.

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