Travel Explored Week 9 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 9 Round Up

If I had to use one word to describe this week it would be “trying” to say the least. There has been no big issue that is beyond solving, but a series of challenges have been sent my way.

The greatest challenge has been my technology and it is something that has been building. My MacBook Pro which has served me well for nearly six years increased its speed of decline. While it had been playing up a little off and on for the past month or so, just doing some weird things. The past week they have been much more frequent leaving me with significant downtime.

That is not to say that I do not have alternatives, such as right now I am writing this on my iPad waiting for the shops to open. I also do have another laptop which is a PC but there is again significant lost time trying to transition between platforms. With the additional challenge of trying to find the files I need and having the applications up to date to work on them.

Honestly, though these are rather small issues in comparison to some of the problems in the world. But when they are happening to you they do seem much bigger than they actually are. Anyway, even with the challenges, you might have noticed the posts are still coming and there is a full round-up below if you need to catch up.

New Content

Monday, 26th February 2018
Instant Productivity: Just Add Coffee – Week 8, 2018

Coffee - Ivy & Lark, Chermside

The week started off covering the coffee spots that I enjoyed sharing in the previous week. Having developed that taste for coffee I do quite enjoy writing and sharing this post. I am so often amazing at the number of places that I come across with great coffee. In this post I have featured, Black Lab Coffee, Peaches Café, Ivy & Lark, Let Minnow, Bruno’s BNE, Street Lab Specialty Coffee & Goodness Gracious. Let me know if you have checked out any of these spots yourself.

Tuesday, 27th February 2018
Dealing With The Weather When Travelling

Weather - Rain

Over the past couple of weeks, the weather in Brisbane has been a bit of a mixed bag. There have been days of solid rain with a months worth of rain in one day. Mixed in with days that are scorching hot and all you want to do is climb into the refrigerator. But with the changing weather, it got me thinking about the weather I have experienced when travelling and how it affected my plans.

Wednesday, 28th February 2018
A Walk Around The Point at Victoria Point

Victoria Point - Jetty

In the past, I have not put a whole lot of thought into the idea of sharing about local areas. It is also a topic that I shared a post on Friday this week about. I just purely have found myself seeing the area I live as more utility than of interest to anyway. So recently I have been changing my perception on that and here is a little bit of my local area.

Thursday, 1 March 2018
When Cruising Do I Have To Go Ashore?

Early start for first port of call on Panama Canal Cruise

Cruising is one form of travel that I do very much enjoy, but in the past, I have shared not much more than just the destinations that I visit and the ships I have travelled on. So I now am looking to try and share some more of what I have learnt from cruising through trying to answer a few questions that I think people might like to know the answers to. In this post I cover my experience with when I have had to disembark in a port and when it is not essential.

Friday, 2 March 2018
The Challenges of Sharing Home

Albert Einstein Quote

The time that we spend in a place can very much affect the perception that we cast upon it. However, recently I have been considering that when I travel I am visiting someone else’s every day. So if I can find something interesting or exciting in someone else’s everyday location, there must also be that interest in my own everyday locations. I go into it a little deeper in this post, but it is also the reason why you have been seeing some more posts from around my local area recently.

Saturday, 3 March 2018
The Challenges of Technology

The challenges of Technology

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph above, this week has been a bad week for me and technology. So I wanted to share a little post covering how I have faced the challenges and take you through my experience. I know it is a little off the regular topic but thought that some people might find it of interest.

What I am Reading

I often find it difficult to get this section together, just because there is so much great stuff out there. Then I stop and think do I share the books I am reading, podcasts I listen to, or just the articles and posts from the web. For the moment I am sticking with the posts from the web, to ensure it is accessible to everyone reading.

Carry-on Only: Minimalist Packing List

Although I have flirted with the idea of travelling with only carry-on luggage, I am just not sure I could handle it. The post on Burger Abroad covers a packing list, but I am not sure how I would go at even fitting that much in a carry-on. But I also have a couple of different technology items that push my carry-on weight limit. Such as the 15″ MacBook and a Digital SLR.

Ireland – 50 Shades of Green, Blue & Beer

One place that has been on my list of places to travel for some time is Ireland. I am still not entirely certain why it is on my list, but it is likely something to do with the countryside. It is nothing to do with the Beer though, as I do not drink, so I am not sure if I was to visit how well I would fit in. But this was an interesting start to reading about the country and looks like there could be plenty more to come in this post at Nomadic Lives Blog.

Rethinking Overtourism in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon was the first place that I visited in Europe after crossing the Atlantic as part of a cruise. That was in 2012 so sometime before this piece was written. However, one thing that I noticed at the time in the city was something akin to a difficulty of being a foreign tourist in the city. Ticket machines were difficult to get into English, many attractions closed early and a few other little things. I am not sure if it has changed since then so much, but this article was an interesting look at turning around the idea of Overtourism. Something that came to mind for me in other areas, and how the locals live with the number of tourists visiting certain areas and cities at times.

Thank You

I hope that you have enjoyed the posts through this week and as usual, would like to invite you to suggest any topics you would like to see. You can either leave a comment below, contact me directly or leave a comment on any of my social media. Finally a big thank you for reading and if you have enjoyed any of the posts I would love for you to share them with your friends if you think that will bring them value.

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