Travel Day Manchester to New York

New York - Night Lights

Tonight will be a rather short update since there is not a lot to share with you. The last two days I have spent in transit from Berlin to New York where I am now. With an overnight stop in Manchester, combined with some flight delays.

In the past two days, I have essentially been through five different airports, on five different planes. The total distance travelled is somewhere around 7,000km since departing from Berlin and arriving into New York this afternoon.

The Flights

The two flights today were far from the best flights I have ever taken. It started with the flight from Manchester to Reykjavik where I requested an aisle seat. At check in the clerk could only offer a window seat with extra leg room, which seemed to be ok. However, once we boarded it became apparent he had outdated information or wrong information. The seat had no extra leg room although the view turned out to be quite good. In the end that is not a big deal as the flight is not that long.

I had a much better seat on the second flight from Reykjavik to New York. But it was on this flight we experienced some of the worst turbulence I have experienced on a flight. For a period of about five minutes, even the air hostess got caught off guard and hanging onto anything they could trying to keep the trolleys in place. The worst for me was end up with a cup full of Pepsi half on me and half in my meal.

Arriving In New York

Even with both of these little hiccups, I am happy to say I am now in New York City. It took some time as you can imagine with New York Traffic in the last afternoon to get to the hotel. But once I had checked in and got everything sorted in my room I popped out for a look at Times Square by night. Only about three blocks from the hotel so not too far. I must say walking into New York is definitely a different experience to earlier today walking into the all but empty airport in Reykjavik.

New York - Night Lights

So I hope that you can wait until tomorrow for a little more of New York. I can say for sure there is going to be plenty to share.

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