Travel Day – Toronto To London

CN Tower Toronto - Skypod View

Today is still a day in Toronto, but it is also a travel day as such. There was just one thing I wanted to do while in Toronto, and that was visit CN Tower. Anything else was just an extra, and I can always look at another stop to explore further in the future.

CN Tower

CN Tower was my first stop for the morning to get it checked off. The tower itself is home to the world’s highest public observation deck. Of course, if I was going up I decided it would be as high as I could get. If you are not keen on heights, the trip up is probably not for you, especially when you see how you get up.

CN Tower Toronto

The elevator takes 58 seconds from the ground to the first observation deck. The first hint that this is not for anyone that dislikes heights is the elevator floor. The floor is made up of two glass panels that you can see straight down the elevator shaft.

CN Tower Toronto - Glass Floor Elevator

To get to the highest point, or otherwise named the skypod is another elevator. The skypod is another 38 floors above the main observation deck. You are around 400m above the ground here, and the views from here are quite spectacular.

CN Tower Toronto - Skypod View

Toronto Wander

After spending a couple of hours at CN Tower, I only had a couple of hours to get some lunch and go for a walk. Toronto has an excellent mixture of old and new buildings that sit in some contrast to each other. One example is the town hall. Below the first image is the old Town Hall, which you can see the new Town Hall to the left. The second image is the new Town Hall by itself.

Toronto - Old Town Hall Toronto - New Town Hall

There is some interesting sights to see around Toronto. There were two in particular that I missed getting photos but found kind of interesting. The first was a parking officer, giving a parking ticket to an armoured truck. The second was at a crossing when ten guys dressed in Grid Iron uniforms set up a play when the walking light came on.

A third interesting thing I was able to get a photo of, The Electronic Man. A statue made out of all old computer parts, photo below.

Toronto - Electronic Man

Travel Toronto To London

The day ended with getting to the airport to travel from Toronto to London. I had already booked the airport transfer bus, which takes around 45 minutes from Downtown to the airport.

The first flight left around 7.30pm from Toronto, flying to Frankfurt. The arrival was around 25 minutes early, which gave a little bit of spare time before the next flight. The second flight was the short trip from Frankfurt to London.

I had hoped to sleep on the plane between Toronto and Frankfurt, but that did not turn out to be successful. Of course, this meant that by the time I arrived into London I was rather tired. But still had the final leg of the journey today getting from London to Amesbury. If I had not already booked the hotel in Amesbury, I likely would have stopped at one much closer to London. However, I wanted to be close to my first stop in the morning.

The next few days in England I have a rental car and looking forward to sharing a few very interesting places.

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