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A Wander Around Alexandra Headland

Alexandra Headland - Beach

For many people, Alexandra Headland might not be a place that you think about stopping. With Maroochydore to the north and Mooloolaba to the south, Alexandra Headland kind of just is there in the middle. While some people might find some nice accommodation here or stop for the beach that is likely it.

My stop here was most around a visit to a coffee shop that I had heard about and decided to check out. But while stopped I decided to take a walk and check out the area and the beach. In the end, I found out that it is quite a nice area and it turns out that I used to stay not far from where I stopped as a child.

Walking Alexandra Headland

The area here is quite flat so a great spot to stretch the legs. There are some shops and cafes, but nothing too outstanding that you don’t find similar elsewhere.

Alexandra Headland

Street Art

One of the pieces that caught my eye was the traffic signal box. There are many places around Australia and the World that have embarked on projects to decorate these fairly boring pieces of equipment. The project on the Sunshine Coast was undertaken with Urban Smart Projects, the same company that facilities the same project in Brisbane. To date they have 44 boxes painted on the Sunshine Coast.

Box 7344 is painted by Mieke van den Berg and given the name Perfect Break. The description for the box is “There is nothing better to wake up with the sun just kissing the sky and the best waves presenting themselves to enjoy them first thing in the morning.”

Alexandra Headland - Traffic Signal Box Art

Alexandra Headland Beach

Not too far beyond the traffic signal box above is the beach. Currently, after some fairly heavy surf, the beach is looking a little worst for wear. After a couple of weather systems in the Coral Sea that has caused some big surf, many beaches along the South East Queensland Coast look quite similar to this. The beaches do come back in time though and it does not stop many people from still enjoying the sand and surf.

Alexandra Headland - Beach

The park that runs along the beach is also a great spot for those who enjoy a picnic or BBQ. The facilities here do look quite good and they are rather abundant as well.

Alexandra Headland - Park Picnic

Of course, the kids are not left without something to do either, this is just one of the playgrounds that I spotted along the waterfront here. Just worth remembering to keep an eye on them though as this is not too far back from the carpark and main road.

Alexandra Headland - Playground

Make A Stop At Alexandra Headland

While it might not be the heart of activity on the Sunshine Coast, it is a nice spot to stop. I stopped here to visit a coffee shop called Milk and Beans Coffee House, it was quite good and worth the stop. But you might prefer a stop at the beach or the park.

If you are feeling energetic and staying nearby to this location you can even consider walking either north or south to Maroochydore or Mooloolaba. Neither is far depending on where you are staying and where you are specifically heading. But the elevation does change a little especially if you are heading south to Mooloolaba. If you have visited or plan to visit the area why not let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about your experience.

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