Vancouver, Seabus & The Northshore

Vancouver - View of the Northshore

I set out this morning to find a cruise I could do around Vancouver Harbour. I would have thought this would be rather easy considering the number of signs offering cruises. However, it would seem to be the time of year few operators are still offering harbour cruises.

Vancouver Seabus

Eventually, I found the next best thing to a cruise around the harbour. A trip across the harbour on the Seabus to take a little walk around the Northshore area of Vancouver.

The Seabus is as you might expect a very utilitarian mass transport option. It is designed to transport people from one side to the other as quickly as possible. So not the ideal way to sightsee on the harbour. But a good way to quickly get to the other shore and take a look around over there. I headed across around 2.30 and the ferry was nearly full. So cannot imagine trying to get on at peak hour.Vancouver - View of the Northshore

I had read a little about Lonsdale Quay and the public market and wanted to take a look. In the end, it did not live up to what I was expecting. I spent around an hour wandering about taking a look at the area before returning to Vancouver around 3.30pm. Before I left the Northshore I made sure to get a photo of the Vancouver Skyline. The sun was not in the ideal spot, but the silhouette works ok in this case. Vancouver City Skyline

From the photos, you might see that there is plenty of highrise buildings. While a portion of this is business and hotel buildings. There is also a substantial portion that is residential. To some extent, this is due to the landscape. With plenty of hills around and a lack of significant motorways, it is more effective to expand upwards.

Public Art

One of the common sights around Vancouver is the amount of public art. Some of it is documented with signs about what the piece is. With many other pieces just sort of placed. Although maybe some of them are not meant to be artwork and just a remanent or leftover from a previous era. I am not quite sure why this is here sitting above the footpath like it is.

Unusual Art on the Waterfront

If you would like to see a little more of the public art around Vancouver watch out for tomorrow’s post. I have put together some of the pieces that I have spotted around the city. Also in two days there will be another interesting post, but that will be a little surprise as well.

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