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Taking a Walk at Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park - Rocky View

The Sunshine Coast to the north of Brisbane is a rather beautiful part of the country. There are extensive areas of the national park to hike, mountains to climb and beaches to enjoy. Although I honestly do not get a chance for much of this when I visit the area.

I often find myself going through photos that I have taken and never got around to sharing. The following post was some of those images from a short walk at Noosa National Park back in 2015.

Noosa National Park covers an area of 4,000 hectares and includes some fantastic walking trails, bush regions and coastline. Originally established in 1939 Noosa National Park now sees over 1 million visitors annually.

Coastal Trail

The track that I followed was the Coastal Trail, which is the longest of five designated walks at 10.8km return. Although I only covered around half of the one-way distance today due to the time I had available. You can find a map of the walks at Noosa National Park on the Queensland National Parks Website here.

In addition to the five main tracks, there are a number of tracks that interlink between these. For the most part, the tracks are probably going to be inaccessible for the disabled and strollers. However, there does seem to be a section of the Coastal Walk that would be suitable, with bitumen paths. You need to access it from the northern end of the park at the Day Use Area though.

Noosa National Park - Pathway

The Coast Line

As you head off along the trail from the day use area, you start to see a little bit of the coastline. While it is all beautiful, there are some spots that are rather stunning with the way they have formed over the years. The coastline of this area is mostly a mix of rocky outcrops and beaches.

Noosa National Park - Rocky View

A rocky section of the Noosa National Park Coastline.

Noosa National Park - Beach

A Beach along the northern edge of the Noosa National Park.

Noosa National Park - Cove

The above photo is looking back over the section of beach in the previous picture. The flat rocky part is back around that headland across the lovely little cove.

The Walk

I have previously shared about this walk on another website that is no longer online. So I have a little bit of information about the walk, and the distance as that other website specifically covered walking.

The total distance I covered was around 5.5km, so almost half the full return length for the Coastal Walk. The time was about 1.5 hours give or take, and included some stops to take photos along the way.

To The West

From the day use area at Noosa National Park, the main walks head off to the south or east. However, you can also follow the beach along to the west for a short way if you want to see the area a little more.

Looking Back at Noosa

While the beach to the west does have a little sand, it is mostly pebbles and rocks. But you also get a view around to the beaches of Noosa itself from here. Although not in this picture there were a couple of people taking the opportunity for stand up paddle boarding in the calm waters here.

Explore More

I love getting out and exploring an area whether it is close to home or away overseas. One of the things that I hope to achieve with Travel Explored is to inspire others to do the same. Whether it is the area, you live and think you know or an area you are travelling to, go and explore. Get out there and see what the world has to offer. Surprise yourself what is just around the corner instead of being shocked when someone else shows you.


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