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Waterfalls Collection No.1

Waterfall - Serenity Falls, Buderim, QLD

If you have been reading much of my blog in the past, you would know that I always travel with a camera. But one thing that I have found is that I don’t always get around to sharing all of the photos that I capture. So I wanted to share with you a small collection of waterfalls that I have photographed. There are some which I have shared in other posts, while others I just never got around to sharing.

Waterfalls Collection Set 1

I hope to make this just the first of some sets of waterfall photos. In this collection, I have some local ones around South East Queensland, a few from New South Wales and Even one from British Columbia in Canada.

Dangar Falls, Dorrigo, NSW

Waterfall - Dangar Falls, Dorrigo, NSW

Dangar Falls is the first of two rather easy to access waterfalls along a route known as Waterfall Way. I am unsure of the exact number of waterfalls along Waterfall Way, but I imagine it could vary depending on rainfall in the area.

Dangar Falls is a location that I have visited a few times and think that I have shared photos from here before. But it is a favourite spot of mine as the location always looks spectacular. For those that like to see the waterfall but don’t enjoy the bush walk to get to some waterfalls, this one is right next to the carpark.

The town of Dorrigo is also an excellent spot to stop, to just look around, coffee or a meal. There are some shops, cafes and services in the town. There is also a visitors centre so it could be a great starting point to explore from with information to guide you.

Ebor Falls, Ebor, NSW

Waterfall - Ebor Falls, Ebor, NSW

Ebor Falls is located a further 50km to the west of Dorrigo on Waterfall Way. Just like Dangar Falls, Ebor Falls is also very accessible. Even though it might be slightly further to walk, the lookout is not more than 50m from the carpark. However, the lookout for the above photo is not quite as close to the carpark.

Two waterfalls make up Ebor Falls. The first is a towards the back of the above image and partially hidden by trees. With the second prominently in the front of this picture. Although the above image almost looks like a photo from a drone, it is captured from the lookout. So it is the same view that every visitor gets.

One thing to keep in mind if you are visiting Ebor Falls is that it is somewhat remote. Once you leave Dorrigo, there are no real services before you reach Armidale. In fact, for a significant portion of this drive, there is not even phone reception. The trip from Dorrigo to Ebor falls covers around 50km, with a further 80km to reach Armidale.

Waterfall - Upper Falls of Ebor Falls, Ebor, NSW

Above is a close-up view of the upper portion of Ebor Falls. They do appear a little more spectacular when seen up close than in the background of another waterfall.

Lip Falls, Back Creek Gorge, QLD

Waterfall - Lips Falls, Back Creek Gorge, QLD

In the Gold Coast Hinterland, there is an area known as Back Creek Gorge. Within the gorge, there is a series of six waterfalls, all of which are accessible if you are so inclined. However, of the six I believe the easiest to physically access is Lips Falls. Although to be honest the access is not entirely easy.

At the base of the falls is a large round swimming hole which I have seen people enjoying on some occasions when I have visited the area.

Continuing down the gorge, I have visited a couple of the other waterfalls. However, I do struggle to remember what the order is and what they are called. But I will share a photo of another one below which I believe could be Rainbow Falls.

Waterfall - Back Creek Gorge, Gold Coast, QLD

Serenity Falls, Buderim, QLD

Waterfall - Serenity Falls, Buderim, QLD

Heading to the north of Brisbane there are quite some waterfalls in different areas through the Sunshine Coast. I have nowhere near found the time to visit them all yet, but one that I have enjoyed visiting a couple of times is Serenity Falls.

The name Serenity Falls is an unofficial name with the falls recognised as Buderim Forest Waterfall. However, I do believe that while maybe unofficial Serenity Falls has a much more beautiful sound.

The first time that I visited the waterfall, I was almost tricked by another water cascade a little further downstream. While still lovely it is not quite as impressive as the actual waterfall.

Waterfall - Downstream Serenity Falls, Buderim, QLD

Shannon Falls, Squamish, BC, Canada

Waterfall - Shannon Falls, Squamish, BC, Canada

Time to head overseas for the last one in this post. I recently started having a look through some photos from my very first trip abroad. In the pictures from Vancouver, Canada I discovered some photos of a waterfall located somewhere between Whistler and Vancouver. While it did take a little bit of research and checking against other photos, I soon discovered it to be Shannon Falls in Squamish, BC.

The falls are located somewhat close to Highway 99 which is the main road between Vancouver and Whistler. On the map, they appear to be almost exactly halfway between the two locations. The drop of the falls is some 335m as it cascades down the rock face. It is said to be one of the most popular stops along the route, and I can understand why.

More Waterfalls

I have some more waterfalls in my photography collection that I would like to share. But in doing some of the research for and just general looking around while working on this post I have found plenty more to visit and photograph. While some are not all that far from home, they do require a significant hike for some. Although I have no problems with hiking, being summer in Brisbane at the moment, the weather is not ideal.

As always I would love your feedback on this post. Would you like to see more like this or is there something you would like to see? You can leave a comment below, send me an email or get in touch via social media.

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