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3 Reasons To Pay For Good Accommodation

3 Reasons To Pay For Good Accommodation

I have travelled overseas on a number of occasions now. Whenever I travel the cost of the trip tends to come out to much more than you might expect. Of course, there can be numerous reasons why this is the case. However, one of the primary reasons is my preference for good quality accommodation over cheaper shared options.

I have a number of reasons why I like to pay a little more and get good quality accommodation. From the most basic of personal safety through to travelling comfortably and having privacy.

1. Personal Safety

One of the biggest concerns that I had when travelling overseas alone, was my own personal safety. As a result, all of the bookings for accommodation that I made were in hotel rooms. I opted not to go the young 20 something route of hostels.

I opted for hotel rooms where possible in well known international chains. I wanted to know what I might be able to expect based on the standards the hotel brand might set. Although I know that these standards can never truly be a guarantee.

To me, it seems more important if I feel safe than whatever the actuality might be. I am sure there are hostels that are safe, and hotels that are unsafe. But when you put together a number of different aspects and compare hotels to hostels. It just seems that hotels have a better track record.

2. Travel Comfortable

Being comfortable when travelling is something that can never be guaranteed wherever you stay. I have stayed in cheap accommodation with rather comfortable beds. But I have also stayed in five-star hotels with very uncomfortable beds.

For the most part, I have been pretty happy with the comfort in most hotel rooms I have stayed. In most cases, there has been space to spread out. The bed has provided for a good nights sleep. With all rooms providing good clean private facilities.

In some cases, the comfort goes together with the security. If I feel safe in the accommodation, there is a much better chance of feeling comfortable.

3. Privacy

When I travel I love to get out and meet people, as explained in the recent post “Making Friends With Couch Surfing.” But there is also a need for my own space, where I can rest and relax. It is about having some space to call my own even if it is just for one night at a time. Which is why I do much prefer to book a private room rather than a shared room.

When it comes to booking a private room there are many different price points. Many different considerations that need to be made, such as potential privacy and security. One of the best ways I have found to establish the potential ability for a room to provide all three is previous guest reviews. Just about every hotel booking site offers the opportunity to review a stay. While there are plenty that are towards the negative side, there are plenty to help make your decision as well.

Shared Accommodation To Travel More

I consider the idea of shared accommodation at times, options such as a hostel. I can see that the lower cost of these sort of options could make it much more practical to travel more over the long term. But I still am not sure just how I would feel about the idea of sharing a room with strangers. It still for me comes back to the feeling of comfort and security, for myself and my belongings.

In some ways, it is like when you are exploring a city during the day. There are often going to be areas that make it not feel so safe or secure. Since you are moving through the city and exploring if you feel unsafe you move to another area. On the other hand, when you are in bed to sleep and rejuvenate if you don’t feel safe you cannot just get up and move. What tends to happen is you just do not sleep, leaving you tired and worn down the next day. A hotel that can provide what appears to be a safe and secure room can help ensure a better night sleep.

What Do You Choose

I would love to hear what you choose when you are travelling. Do you do what you can to save money and choose to stay in hostels or shared accommodation? Or do you choose to spend a little more for something private, comfortable and secure? Let me know your thoughts in the comments I am very interested to hear some thoughts.

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