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Coffee, Take Life One Sip At A Time – Week 19, 2018

Coffee - Black Ink Espresso

When it comes to drinking coffee I definitely like it just one sip at a time. To me, the act of drinking coffee is something that should be enjoyed and savoured. Not something that you want to hurry along so much that you end up burning your tongue on the hot coffee.

I have found that taking your time to enjoy your coffee can in some ways be a little rewarding. The thing is that if you have a good coffee you will find that the flavour can change as it cools. What you might not have enjoyed at first can turn into something that you rather enjoy. Likewise, it is possible that sometimes it can also work the other way. But I have found that to happen on a rare occasion.

Of course, though I do drink my coffee black and will not pretend that I could say if it is the same with a coffee made on milk. Although the way that some barista’s and coffee roasters speak about the coffee with milk, I imagine it must be something similar.

So what I would like you to consider is the next time you are having a coffee is to spend a little time and enjoy it. Don’t rush through the coffee, but don’t forget it until it is totally cold either. Sit with your cup of coffee and take your time to enjoy it.

Monday, 7th May 2018

Block House Coffee and Eats

Location – 130 Ryans Rd, Nundah, QLD

Coffee – Single O

Coffee - Block House Coffee & eats

I don’t think that anyone is a big fan of traffic, but there are times that a little traffic can be a good thing. It was the cause for me finding my way to Block House Coffee & Eats. Heading north from Brisbane I saw traffic showing ahead on the map, so decided to avoid it and find a coffee. Block House Coffee & Eats was the spot and the Single O coffee they were serving up was just what I needed.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Caffe Impero

Location – 55 Creek Rd, Mount Gravatt East QLD

Coffee – Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Caffe Impero

I often find that I do not pay quite enough attention to the cafes and coffee shops in shopping centres. But one thing that I have found is that on occasion you can come across some great spots. One of those is Caffe Impero in the mount Gravatt Plaza Shopping Centre. They are serving up some great coffee from Veneziano Coffee Roasters.

Wednesday, 9th May 2018

Simply Beans

Location – B6/10-14 Compton Rd, Underwood QLD

Coffee – In House Roast

Coffee - Simply Beans

Simply Beans is a coffee roaster that I find myself visiting every so often. It is a little bit to try out another coffee from the five grinders they have set up. But is also to take a look at the rather wide range of different coffee tools they have available. From things for the pros to the wide variety of different brew methods you can use at home.

Thursday, 10th May 2018

Told You So

Location – 1/14 Discovery Dr, North Lakes QLD

Coffee – Single O

Coffee - Told You So

The day that I visited Told You So happened to be on the same trip north as my stop mentioned above on Monday. It is difficult to travel any distance without making some stop for coffee along the way. But it turned out to be another great spot for a coffee, again from Single O, but a different blend this time. The location of Told You So in North Lakes is also good, a littl away from the hustle and bustle of the main shopping centre.

Friday, 11th May 2018

Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

Location – 31 Lamkin Ln, Caloundra QLD

Coffee – Time Adams Specialty Coffee

Coffee - Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

There is something about good coffee shops and being hidden it would seem from my experience. Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar is not exactly a spot you just happen to walk past. But once you know you are looking for it you will most definitely find it. But one thing I will say is that the locals know their way here, with a constant stream coming in for their coffee. They are serving up coffee from Tim Adam’s Specialty Coffee with a choice of four coffee’s.

Saturday, 12th May 2018

Empire Specialty Coffee

Location – 2/12 Lucy St, Moorooka QLD

Coffee – Wolff Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Empire Specialty Coffee

For those who love a little music, this could be a spot that might interest you. Not so much that the music and coffee are that linked, but for the location of the coffee shop. Empire Specialty Coffee is right in the front of Empire Studios, a recording studio. They are serving up a nice cup of coffee with beans from Wolff Coffee Roasters, worth checking them out if you are in Moorooka at all.

Sunday, 13th May 2018

Black Ink Espresso

Location – 4 Clunies Ross Ct, Eight Mile Plains QLD

Coffee – In House Roast

Coffee - Black Ink Espresso

Black Ink Espresso brings together just about everything I like about a good cafe. They have great coffee that they blend and roast themselves, although not on site. The cafe looks great and has a really nice feel to it that is open and airy, even with a city view sort of. Finally, Cameron and the staff are all very friendly and make some top notch coffee. Definitely worth a visit if you are on the southside of Brisbane.

Coffee, Take Life One Sip At A Time

I hope that you will find the time this week to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Especially if you are regularly grabbing a cup on the run. I know it can be difficult sometimes to do this, but taking that 10 or 15 minutes of me time with your coffee could be just what you need.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and would look forward to any feedback that you have. You can leave a comment below or get in touch via the contact page. Of course, cafe suggestions are also welcome.

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