4 Reasons To Love Cruising

4 Reasons To Love Cruising

Cruising as a way to travel has quickly become one of my favourite ways to travel. There are quite a lot of benefits to cruising and I just wanted to share a couple of these with you.

Unpack Once, Enjoy Multiple Stops

One of the worst parts of travelling is living out of a suitcase. Every time you move from one city to another, you are packing and repacking. You spend ages trying to pack everything in a logical order only to get to the first stop and need something from the bottom.

The problem of packing and unpacking just does not exist on a cruise ship. On day one you board the ship and unpack your luggage completely. Your suitcase gets hidden away under the bed. Then on the very last day of the cruise, you pull your suitcase out and pack everything.

Come to think of it, there is also no dragging luggage through the airport for every different city you visit.

Technology Disconnect

Today technology if a major part of our everyday lives. Through our multitude of devices, we are all but tethered to a world of connection. The connection between friends and family, the ability to find information on any topic you could imagine. Of course, at times this tends to lead to a frantic pace that we live life.

In many cases once you board a cruise ship a lot of this connection is gone. In some ways, it is available, but at a significant price. Internet access is available, via satellite at a high price for a low speed (think $80 for 100 minutes). Phone service is available, but you again will pay a rather high price (think $60 for 10 minutes).

The feeling of disconnection for some may be a little too much. However, I have found that it can be a great way to relax. It also gives you plenty of time to do things that you don’t normally do. Things like enjoying a meal without watching your phone. Meeting some new people and having a real conversation. So think of a cruise kind of like a digital detox.

Sample New Places When Cruising

Travelling is a great thing and different people are often drawn to different destinations and experiences. Likewise, there are some places that you just do not even consider as a holiday destination. A lot of these destinations are what make for great cruise itineraries.

My very first cruise was an experience just like this. Being a young solo traveller, I never thought about travelling through Central America. I liked the idea of seeing the area, but from a safety perspective, it was not at the top of the list. A cruise gave me the opportunity to visit five countries through this region. It helped to alleviate the safety concerns of travelling through these countries.

Another great example of this is the South Pacific Islands. Many people do fly to some of these islands and spend a week in a resort. However, if you are not the sort of person that wants to just be limited to one destination a cruise can help. There are many cruise options that leave from Australia, between 7 and 12 nights that visit four or five different islands.

All Inclusive (Almost) 

Choosing a cruise can give you an almost all inclusive holiday. Most of the time all of your essentials are included in the price. There are of course some things that may be an additional cost that you might see as essential but this is an individual thing. What is included,

  • Transport – Once you board the ship your transport from destination to destination.
  • Meals – You generally have access to as much food as you need from a number of different options.
  • Entertainment – There is something happening almost all the time when you are onboard. This can vary from ship to ship, but it can be difficult to get board.
  • Drinks – The drinks available will vary between the different cruise lines. Generally, basics such as water, tea and coffee, and juice are included. (Definitely, ask before assuming)

There are some things that you will need to pay for in addition to your cruise fare.

  • Tours – Tours are available in most ports and do cost money depending on the tour. Depending on where the ship docks, there is potential to walk and explore on your own. However, in some ports I would definitely not advise this.
  • Drinks – you will pay for alcoholic drinks, speciality coffees and soft drink. You can always ask the travel agent when booking as they will either be able to tell you or find out.
  • Speciality Dining – Most ships have restaurants which attract an additional cost. They do vary between ships and are usually a much more immersive dining experience.
  • Pampering – Things like massages and beauty treatments are often available. These will attract an additional cost as well.

You will find that you can often get away without paying any extra. However, you may just want to enjoy a drink one night or treat yourself to a special dining experience. While you do pay a little for these experiences it is entirely up to you.

Your Next Cruising Holiday

When you are considering your next holiday I would encourage you to consider cruising. The reasons I have mentioned above are just a few of the reasons why. So go on and make your next holiday a cruising holiday.

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