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A Walk Along Burnett Street in Buderim


The township of Buderim in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a beautiful spot to visit. While it does not still hold all the charm that it did in the past, there are still some great spots to visit and some great views. That is if you know where to look. On a recent trip through the Sunshine Coast, I stopped for a coffee and a walk along the main street.

Burnett Street, Buderim

While there is a lot to Buderim with a few small areas with cafes and shops, the primary area is along Burnett Street. A 600m section of this road between Main Street at the bottom and Lions Park at the top contains most of the shops and cafes. In this area, I took a walk and captured a few photos to share with you today.

Buderim Lions Park

Buderim - Lions Park

At the top end of the shopping area on Burnett Street is Buderim Lions Park. The park is a nice spot and offers plenty for everyone. There are toilets here, picnic tables, and a playground for the children as well. The only downside is that the park does border on the busy road, so you need to keep an eye on the kids.

Buderim - Lions Park

Another great feature of the park is the amazing view that you get to the south-east from the lookout. You can see the view below, right out to the ocean. The built-up areas you can see, include Kawana and Warana. I cannot be certain but you can possibly see up to Mooloolaba to the north and Caloundra to the south. The tree growth may impact this a little. But there is another spot a little further down Burnett Street that you get a slightly different view until they build on the land.

Buderim - Lions Park View

The Birds and The Beans Espresso Bar

While the first garage was built on Buderim in 1918, I am unsure if that is this particular building. But is more likely the garage that was built in the 1950’s by Charlie Perkins. The garage went through a number of owners, it still carries its original pumps out front, but is now serving up coffee rather than fuel.

Buderim - The Birds And The Beans Cafe

Of course, I had to stop in for a coffee, and it was a great experience for sure. The interior has a great old rustic feel to it, and they are serving some great coffee and brownies.

Coffee - The Birds and the Beans Espresso Bar

Street Walk

Burnet Street is lined with shops, cafes and restaurants and seems to be a trendy spot. In the past, I have visited many different cafes along the street here for coffee and food. The location below is the roundabout at the bottom of the main shopping area. There are a couple of small groups of shops off each of the roads here, so there is a little exploring to do if you visit the area.


Hidden Lake

It depends how you look at it as to whether this is a hidden lake or not. In one respect it is next to one of the public parking areas, but you also need to go looking to find it. You enter the car park by the parking in front of the group of shops at the start of Lindsay Road and follow around behind the shops. It is a nice spot for a look, but unfortunately nothing in the way of seating.

Buderim - Hidden Lake

Visit Buderim

Buderim is a great area to visit and if you are on the Sunshine Coast worth spending a morning or afternoon for the drive. From the highway, you can get to Buderim in about 10 minutes or from Maroochydore about 15 minutes. It is best to check the directions first depending on where you are coming from, but either way, it is worth the drive.

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