Arriving Into The City Of Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne - Yarra River

Today was not a short or easy day by any stretch of the imagination. It is the very first day I have travelled alone by flying interstate. It seems weird to be saying at 27 years old that I have not travelled by myself before. But it is just the result of different priorities and interests over the past few years.

Anyway, I was up around 5 am this morning to make the flight to Melbourne. I arrived in Melbourne city itself just around lunch time. The result of daylight savings, the flight and the bus transfer to the city. But that does not mean I let things go and estimate I probably walked around 10km this afternoon.

Melbourne Shopping

I know many people go to Melbourne for the shopping and thought I would just take a little look today. The shopping options in Melbourne are quite impressive. However at the same time, they can also be a little bit confusing.

While the stores like Myer and David Jones are much bigger, they are also spread between multi stores. It takes some time to figure out what is in which store. There does seem to be a wider range of products in the stores down here. But it could also be just a different target range that makes it appear this way.

Checking In

Even though I arrived at the hotel just before midday, I could not check in that early. So after a little look at the shopping options, it was time to go back and get settled into the hotel. I took a little while to look at the maps and what options there are for things to see before getting ready to head out again.

For the evening I decided to head across to Southbank and find something for dinner and take a look at the Casino. To be honest, the Casino here is more extensive than anything we have in Brisbane. There are so many different dining options, extensive shopping choices and of course plenty of gaming options.

I did not get around to a lot of interesting places today. However, did manage to capture a few photos while I will share below. I am sure there will be plenty more photos to come over the next week as I start to get in and explore Melbourne a little deeper.

Melbourne - Southbank Sculpture Melbourne - Yarra RiverMelbourne - Crown Casino Gas Brigades

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