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Enjoy Travel Tropical Island

From where I began back in 2010 I never expected to be talking about how I inspired others. When the journey to where this blog is today started there was one clear goal in mind. Just to share my travels with friends and family back home. The goal may have been somewhat selfish. But it was a simple goal to share my story with friends and family to save repeating it over many times.

Over time as my awareness of what a blog was and what it could do my mindset has changed. I no longer pursue that purely selfish goal. In fact, I am more than happy to repeat my travel stories as many times as needed to as many people who will listen.

Along the way, I realised that there was something more to what I was creating. There was not just the ability to share my story with family and friends. I was already reaching an extended audience of people I did not know. Over time this has grown to be a feeling that I want to inspire others through my story. Maybe not to follow the same path I have taken, but to consider travelling somewhere different. Travelling to somewhere that they may have never considered before. To go and explore the world around them, both near and far.

Inspiration To Travel & Explore

From the beginning of my journey, I have extended where and how I share. I started posting travel updates on my personal domain. Then early last year I transferred that over to this site and called it Travel Explored. Progressively I have added social media platforms including, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. With the aim to connect, reach and share the inspiration of travel with as many people as I can.

Touching Others With Inspiration

The real inspiration of what you share is never truly known. In fact, it was only recently when I found out by pure chance how one post has inspired another. It was through sharing a second similar post that the follower commented that my post had inspired them to visit the area.

In reality, I don’t mind never knowing how many others I have inspired or how I have inspired them. But knowing I have inspired one other person makes the work worthwhile. I know one person has widened their horizon from the writing and images I share, makes me happy.

A Journey of Inspiration

When I first started travelling, I thought the reason was for me to go and experience a destination. However, the more I have travelled, the more I realise just how I capture and share my experience can impact others. Just how a collection of words and images can inspire other people.

2017 Travel - Canberra Road Trip - Coffs Harbour

The thing I have found is that the inspiration does not have to be all that significant. A simple landscape that invokes a feeling can encourage or inspire someone to try something a little different.

Sandstone Caves - Pathway

It can inspire someone to go and explore somewhere that they have never been before. Even show someone a location they never knew existed but always wanted to visit.

Enjoy Travel Tropical Island

It can let someone believe that there is something different out there. Giving inspiration to expand horizons and explore the world that is waiting to be found all around.

Godley Head view over Christchurch Beach

I would love to know where you would like to go and explore. What you have been inspired to do not just from what I share, but from anywhere. Did you just decide to go somewhere or did you get that little nudge from the article in the newspaper? That picture someone shared on Facebook? The random advertisement that appeared on your computer?

Where Has Inspiration Taken You?


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