A Little Out of Focus in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary - A little out of focus

I have found that travelling can be a rather funny thing at times. The way that things can work out especially when you do so much advance planning. Such is the case when I planned my last major overseas trip to visit Europe and North America. When I left home I had a total of 76 days of my 79-day trip planned and booked. The flights were confirmed the hotels booked. All I needed was an answer from a friend for the last three days.

There were some aspects that definitely made the planning easier, such as a 29-night cruise in the middle. However, this still left me with 50 days to plan where I would be visiting and what to do. The trip turned out to be the best trip that I have taken overseas, but at the same time also presented some big challenges. Leaving me to learn some great lesson’s when it comes to planning in advance.

To Much Time

The first challenge presented itself very early in the trip. The first stop was for 10 days in Vienna, Austria, a city that I had wanted to visit for quite some time. However, arriving in a city to stay for 10 days without a little planning and research in advance can leave you some challenges.

You see that 10 days in one city can sometimes be a little too much. There were a couple of things that I had planned to do but did not get to in the end because of poor timing. I was visiting in March and some of the tours did not operate until the beginning of April.

Thankfully though, I did manage to find a tour that looked interesting even though I had not considered it an option. That was a tour to visit the city of Budapest in Hungary. Even though it was not the focus of my trip, I am always happy to visit other cities and get to explore.

Jumping Away From The Focus

It was when I was looking through some photos from Budapest that I came across this particular photo. The image includes St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, and this was taken while on that day tour to visit Budapest from Vienna. It reminded me how there are times when things might not be the focus of your time, but you always need to be looking a little to the periphery. If I had not been open to other options I could have end up to focused on being in Vienna and missed an opportunity.

What I am trying to say I guess is that as the saying goes “Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees”. In this case looking at the world as a forest and the city, you are in as the trees. Don’t get yourself caught in the trees you are visiting and see what other trees are nearby.

So even though I end up booking a little too long at one stretch in the city of Vienna. I still managed to achieve a great outcome either way. So the next time you are travelling and book to much time in one place, see how you can flip the outcome.

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