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Be an Observer When Travelling

Observer - Catania Stairs with colourful pots

All to often when travelling it is easy to get caught up in the rush to get and see everything. Getting to the airport and than getting to the hotel and getting around all of the attractions. But there is just as much if not more importance in the detail you don’t see by trying to rush around to much.

Observing where I am and what is around is something that I have done often when travelling. As a result I often see many details that other miss. Heading off on a different path and finding places others did not know about. Gain a better view of where I am and sometimes been able to show respect where others don’t.

Seeing The Details

Getting caught up in racing between attractions and transport can leave you missing a whole lot of the finer details in a city. While every detail is not always important, they are things that can enhance your experience.

Being a photographer at heart I spend much of my time looking for the detail. I am often bring up the tail end of the tour group because I am looking at everything. The food in the window of a store, the pots lining the stairs of a side alley.

Observer - Catania Stairs with colourful pots

There are places that maybe don’t have the detail or might not have anything interesting to show. But at the same time how do you ever know if you are not observing your surroundings and seeing for yourself.

Taking A Different Path

Just like seeing the smaller details of a city, there are so many places to explore. While at times it may not be wise to follow a path less travelled, depending on the city you are visiting. The path less travelled can also show you some amazing things.

There are times that I have discussed when taking a different (let alone any path) could be challenging. Recently I mentioned this in the ports I would not choose to return about Acapulco. While in other ports taking those paths less travelled have resulted in some amazing finds. Such as the beautiful spots I found in Dubrovnik that most people never got to see.

Observer - Dubrovnik the path less travelled

See More

When you become an observer as you travel you tend to see more. Because you are using your own eyes to seek it out and not just following the directions of what to look at by the tour guide.

I take every chance I got to look at everything else that is around me when exploring a city. I might be heading for one attraction or sight, but I am looking at everything else along the way. Sometimes this means that it takes me twice as long to get anywhere but I feel the experience is so much greater.

Respect Others

I have found that observing my surroundings in some situations has a much greater purpose in some areas. Especially when I am visiting some sacred or memorial sights, I am constantly observing my surroundings.

Often what I see is many visitors to these places that are just doing what they want. Getting their photos and rushing through so that they can race through the next attraction as well. Only to see the other visitors that are there not to see another tourist attraction. They are there to remember a loved one, or to pay respect to someone they knew. It is only through observing where you are that you can properly show respect to those who have a reason to be there.

Be an Observer

I believe when you travel the act or duty to be a better observer is very important. It does not take a lot, but it does take making a conscious decision. A decision to slow down a little and truly see where you are and who is there. Instead of just rushing from one attraction to another.

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