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Brisbane SANTOS City of Lights

Over the past weekend, I took some time to get out and take some photos. I do try and get out every weekend; this does not always work out. As such I am taking the opportunity to share some of the more interesting images that I have captured this weekend.

Cleveland Fireworks

On the south side of Brisbane, in Redlands was the annual festival, Red Fest. As part of the event, there was a fireworks display. So by 6.30pm I was set up in a field with a great vantage point of the fireworks, waiting for the 7 pm start. Tonight This was the first time that I had ever even put my camera in front of fireworks, so I was not sure how it would go.

Cleveland Fireworks

Capturing fireworks is never an easy task at any time. It is impossible to time the shots and know what the camera will capture. There is also the problem of when you are not very well prepared. I still have not bought a cable release for the camera and had to rely on the self-timer. Primarily using the self-timer to avoid camera shake. I still managed a couple of good shots even with this small setback.

Cleveland Fireworks

Southbank & City Of Lights

In Brisbane this weekend another festival also started the Brisbane Festival. The Brisbane Festival is a three-week event with a lot of activities around the Southbank area. Some of these are permanent fixtures at Southbank, such as the Wheel of Brisbane. This shot is a longer exposure around 30 seconds, which is why there appears so much motion.

Wheel of Brisbane

The real reason for being at Southbank tonight though was to see the display “City Of Lights”. The display is a Laser and light show on the Brisbane River each night of the Brisbane Festival. The City Of Lights show is quite an amazing show and if you are in Brisbane during the festival. Take the time to visit Southbank one night before September 28 to see this light show.

Brisbane SANTOS City of Lights

Again this was a first for me attempting to capture photographs of the light show. In the past, I have captured photos of different well-lit buildings at night. I have never really had the opportunity to photograph a show like this. However, I did get a couple of really nice photos from the show last night.

Brisbane SANTOS City of Lights

I am also glad that it is on for a little bit longer as I am going to make an effort to get back and see it one or two more times and try some different settings on the camera and different locations along the river.

Gateway Bridge

The final stop for the photography outing on Sunday night was at Queensport Rocks Park. The park sits beneath Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (better known as the Gateway Bridge). There are a few better locations to capture the bridges side on. However, I think that this location right underneath the bridges gives a fairly unique perspective. In this case there was a plane passing above during the long exposure capture.

Brisbane Gateway Bridge

The stop here was not planned, however, still resulted in some good practice. I do hope to be doing some more night time photography like this, but with better planning.

Next Time

This weekend’s photography adventures has inspired me to look at doing more different photography. I often chase the sunset on weekends but of course there are so many other interesting subjects. Whether it is more night photography or something else I hope to get out again real soon.

What has been your experience with night photography? Why not leave a comment below.

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