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A Walk Around The Point at Victoria Point

Victoria Point - Jetty

The suburb of Victoria Point has been home for somewhere around thirty years now for me. In the past, I have often focused on faraway places and destinations that I have travelled. However, recently I have been trying to share a little more of the areas that I live and visit frequently.

Even though I have lived in Victoria Point for so long I had to look up what the area was called that I commonly refer to as “The Point.” The official name is Victoria Point Recreation Reserve. It can be a little surprising the little key points that you miss when you get familiar with an area.

Victoria Point Recreation Reserve

The area covered by Victoria Point Recreation Reserve is located at the eastern end of Colburn Ave. The area contains a number of facilities, for both park and bay uses. You can find a boat ramp and trailer parking, ferry terminal, picnic tables, BBQ’s, toilets, playground and paths.

Boat Ramp

Victoria Point - Boat Ramp

For those who enjoy getting out on the water, the boat ramp at Victoria Point Recreation Reserve is very popular. Especially on weekend days, the area can get very busy with boaties. As you can see it is a rather beautiful spot to be putting your boat in for a day on Moreton Bay.

The boat ramp access here though also leads me to one other thing to keep in mind, the issue of parking. It is an ongoing problem with a lot of parking allocated to trailer parking at times. So if you are visiting the area make sure you read the signs carefully to make sure you are parking in the correct area.

Victoria Point Ferry Terminal

Victoria Point - Jetty

If you want to visit Coochiemudlo Island you are going to be visiting the Victoria Point Ferry Terminal. In recent years the jetty at Victoria Point and Coochiemudlo Island have undergone major upgrades. The upgrades have improved all weather and tidal access at both locations.

Coochiemudlo Island

Victoria Point - Coochiemudlo Island

Although not part of Victoria Point Recreation Reserve, it is worth a mention here. The island is less than 1 kilometre from the mainland, and at low tide, you almost get the feeling you could walk across. However, due to a channel that is not physically possible. Although, it would be interesting to know just how small the gap is.

If you are planning to visit Victoria Point Recreation Reserve you could consider a morning or afternoon trip to Coochiemudlo Island. It has been some time since I last visited and that was a rather wet day. But the island is around 5km to walk around, there are a few cafes, even a 9-hole golf course. I will be making a day of it soon and making a visit so will share that with you in the future.

Bay Views

Victoria Point - Bay Views

One of the other great things about a visit to Victoria Point Recreation Reserve is the views of the bay. In the photo above you can see the view to the south looking towards Redland Bay. While the photo of the boat ramp above looks more to the north towards Point O’Halloren and Cleveland. At high tide, the view is rather nice, while low tide does bring some mud flats.

Picnic Time

If you have come for the day there are quite a number of picnic tables around the reserve. These ones are positioned throughout the trees at the top of the reserve. However, there are some waterfront ones just to the south of the boat ramp. Or another popular option is to reverse park along the water and use the back of the car.


Victoria Point - Playground

Of course, you cannot forget about the kids when you visit such an area. There is a small playground for the kids here. The area is not of great interest to me, but it does seem to keep the kids amused at times. Other than the playground there is not much for the children here as it is not a great location for swimming. If you are looking for that it might be better to visit Thompson’s Beach just a little over 1 kilometre back up Colburn Ave.

Come For a Visit

If you have liked what you see of Victoria Point Recreation Reserve, why not come for a visit? It is a lovely piece of the world right on the edge of Moreton Bay.

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