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Ipswich - St Paul's Anglican Church
Around Brisbane Feature

A Short Visit To Ipswich, QLD

While the Ipswich and the Gold Coast might both be located roughly 70km from home I tend to visit one a lot more than the other. The Gold Coast for some reason seems to be a lot more accessible…

Wynnum - Bay Terrace
Around Brisbane Feature

Taking A Wander Around Wynnum

Wynnum is a great area to visit, situated on the shores of Moreton Bay in Brisbane’s Bayside. The area around Wynnum did not take off with settlement until around 1880’s when the train line reached the area. In 1891…

Victoria Point - Jetty
Around Brisbane Feature

A Walk Around The Point at Victoria Point

The suburb of Victoria Point has been home for somewhere around thirty years now for me. In the past, I have often focused on faraway places and destinations that I have travelled. However, recently I have been trying to share…

Cleveland Point - Old Cleveland Lighthouse
Around Brisbane Feature

Wandering Around Cleveland Point

When it comes to places in my local area that I enjoy visiting, Cleveland Point is one I have visited more than most. Whether catching up with friends for coffee, photographing the sunset or just enjoying some time by…

Bulimba - Ferry Terminal
Around Brisbane Feature

Weekend Photo Walk at Bulimba

On Friday I put out a little challenge for people that enjoy photography over the weekend. At this stage, I am still unsure just how it went or if anyone even saw it and considered participating. But true to…

Manly Harbour Village Walk
Around Brisbane Feature

Take a Walk at Manly Harbour Village

In the morning heading out for an early coffee can be quite enjoyable at times. Especially when you get to visit beautiful areas like Manly Harbour Village, on Brisbane’s Bayside. Even though I have visited the area on numerous…

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