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The Achievements From My Life List

Some years ago there was a movie that I quite enjoyed by the name of “The Bucket List”. In many ways, it gave me some motivation to look at creating a list of those things I wanted to do or…

Travel Top 5 Countries

Top 5 Countries Where I Want To Travel

When I travel, it is rarely about picking a bunch of random places without some desire to visit. Almost every city or country that I have visited is because I wanted to visit the area for some reason. Then…


Daily Adventures Chasing Good Coffee

There is something that I have been doing almost every day for the last six months. It is something that many people do every single morning. Getting out there and finding a good cup of coffee. It is not…

Tapas New Experience

Travel Is All About New Experiences

In my opinion, travel is all about trying new experiences. Almost before you leave home travel is encouraging you to step a little bit outside your comfort zone. Pushing you to do things that you do not do every…

Starting Where You Are

Starting Where You Are, With What You Have

There is an overwhelming body of evidence that proves the best way to accomplish something is to start. All too often though it would seem there is a form of self-sabotage that stops us from starting. Whether we know…

Lessons You Learn Travelling The World

Lessons You Learn Traveling The World

There is no doubt that attending school will give you an education, although the majority, you don’t have a choice. However, after all, primary and secondary school are the only ones you are required to attend. It is from…

Future Travel Planning

Exploring Ideas About Future Travel Plans

There is a certain feeling of excitement that comes with travelling the world. The feeling may seem like it disappears when you are not heading to an airport. But it is a feeling that can seem to resurface easily.…

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