Travel Is All About New Experiences

Tapas New Experience

In my opinion, travel is all about trying new experiences. Almost before you leave home travel is encouraging you to step a little bit outside your comfort zone. Pushing you to do things that you do not do every day. It is if anything a great enabler to let things go a little.

There have been many different new experiences that I have tried when travelling. I am also very much the person to encourage other’s when travelling to try new things. Often suggesting they give something ago, especially if it is not too much beyond the usual comfort zone.

As part of travelling, there are many different little things that I have tried. Or things that I have pushed a bit further than I might normally as a result. One of the biggest contributors to my new experiences was a new experience itself, cruising.


It was late 2010, I had arrived home from my first overseas trip and could not wait to book the next trip. In fact, I was so keen that I booked return airline tickets for two months to the USA within the week I believe.

It was a couple of weeks later while I was working on the third or fourth version of a plan for a ground-based trip around America. There was, of course, no shortage of options, but I was struggling to put together something comprehensive. I am sure if I had kept working at it everything would have fallen into place eventually.

However, before I could get anything locked in, there was a suggestion about trying a cruise. I thought it sounded like a great idea and soon got lost in looking at options. I started out looking at a seven-day cruise and soon found an even better 14-day option.

The biggest problem turned out to be the price for a cabin to cruise alone. But of course, the solution was just a little more research. I come to find a 28-day Cruise Roundtrip from San Diego, through the Panama Canal. The price was right, the timing was perfectly in the middle of my trip, and it gave me a new experience.

First Cruise MS Statendam in San Diego

That new experience of travelling by cruise ship very quickly became my favourite way to travel. To date, I have travelled four times on cruise ships, for a total of 93 days. It is a new experience I can recommend. You can also read more about my first cruise 28 Day Panama Canal Cruise Summary.


When you are travelling, especially in countries that are different to your home country the food can be a new experience. While there have been many foods just a little different, the biggest step for me was trying Escargot or snails.

Trying escargot is not something that I specifically went out searching to find. It was only by chance that circumstances aligned, and I made the decision to give it a go.

It was on my second or third cruise and one night on the menu for dinner in the main dining room escargot was offered. I initially passed over it looking at the other options on the menu, and it was all somewhat similar to other nights. It was at this point I stopped and heard that little voice, travelling is for new experiences.

So next thing I know I had ordered the Escargot. I must say that while I did not become a fan, I did not entirely dislike it either. At dinner another time on a cruise, I did order the escargot again, but that was due to lack of other options.

Tapas In Melbourne

I had another new experience in the food world when I visited Melbourne to catch up with some two friends. The one who was local to Melbourne suggested we visit a fairly popular local tapa’s bar. Of course, I was interested in trying a new experience.

We were soon seated enjoying a drink and wondering how you go about ordering Tapas here. I must say inexperience when ordering tapas can come with quite a catch. The waiter suggested he would bring us some of the favourites.

Tapas New Experiences

Another drink and ten plates of tapas later, I had definitely tried a number of new foods. I also believe the bill was another new experience. The most money I had paid for the least amount of food that I can remember. But not to worry, travel is all about new experiences.

Zip Lining

Even though I am the sort of person that loves the outdoors, bushwalking and hiking and the like. I am at the same time not an overly adventurous person. Roller coasters, skydiving and bungee jumping are things on the list I never want to try.

It was onboard the first cruise I mentioned above when I was looking at tour options in Costa Rica. There was the option to go zip lining, in the rain forest. It did not take to much consideration; it was something a little more adventurous and a new experience.

Costa Rica - Ziplining

I must say it was quite an exciting experience and one that I, would try again. But not something that moves my intentions on any of those more adventurous options from above.

Your New Experiences

I would love to hear about the new experiences that you have taken when travelling. Why not consider sharing your one of those new experiences from your travels. Just head down to the comment section below.

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