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Coffee, Break Fluid – Week 10, 2018

Coffee - Banter Coffee House, Manly

Last week I discussed the topic of just how much I pay for my coffee. A topic that has brought to my mind another interesting little thought when it comes to price. The issue seems to be more pertinent to those who drink a long black over other drinks in a cafe.

That is the difference in price between different size drinks. It specifically caught my attention around the time when I first started drinking a long black. I could get a long black in a cup which had two shots of coffee in or I could get a long black in a mug which had two shots of coffee in. The only difference between the two sizes was around 50ml of water. Yet in the cafe that I frequently visited at the time, it would cost me an additional $1.10 to get that larger size.

I can understand a different charge for a mug over a cup when the drink uses milk as there is an additional cost. Or in an instance where a cup might use a single shot of coffee over a mug using two shots of coffee. But when the only difference is a small amount of water it makes no sense to pay more. Ever since I have only ever ordered a long black in a cup.

Monday, 5th March 2018

Bioney Cafe

Location – 8/381 Main Road, Wellington Point, QLD

Coffee – Delamuata Handcrafted Coffee

Coffee - Bioney Cafe, Wellington Point

I have had a chance to visit Bioney Cafe a couple of times now and it is a nice little spot right in Wellington Point. While it is in a very prominent location, you have to kind of specifically be going there to know about it as well.

The location used to be the home of Delamauta Handcrafted Coffee and is still the coffee that they use. I gave the single origin a try for my visit and it was rather interesting. It was one coffee that I almost immediately picked up a particular smell but could not put my finger on what it was.

Tuesday, 6th March 2018

The Daily Coffee Co.

Location – 293 Queens Street, Brisbane, QLD

Coffee – Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

Coffee - The Daily Coffee Co., Brisbane

I do not get into the Brisbane CBD all that often and I would say half the time it is on a weekend when many cafes are closed. So when I do go during the week I try and maximise my time and get to a number of coffees shops. I had been planning a few others on the day that I went to The Daily Co. It just happened to be right next to the bank where I had to go first but I was too early for. They are serving up a coffee I discovered early last year called Neighbourhood Espresso. The Neighbourhood Espresso Roastery is also a great spot to go, but this newish venue in the city is also great.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Station 82

Location – 82 Hyde Road, Yeronga, QLD.

Coffee – Establishment Coffee

Coffee - Station 82, Yeronga

There are all different reasons why people visit cafes, for me it is a case that I would like to try as many as I can. For my visit to Station 82 though the thing that caught my eye was the bright red coffee machine. Also I do quite enjoy The Establishment Coffee as it is rather strong and generally has tasted good when I have had it.

Thursday, 8th March 2018

Poppy’s On Bloom

Location – 1/66 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland, QLD.

Coffee – Metro Coffee

Coffee - Poppy's On Bloom, Cleveland

Cleveland has an abundance of choice when it comes to cafes. There is a whole mix from big busy cafes down to the small and friendly cafes. Poppy’s On Bloom, is on the smaller side, but they have a great location right next to the park on Bloomfield Street. The great part is that because of the way they face even in the morning you do not get the sun beating down on you even sitting outside.

Friday, 9th March 2018

Banter Coffee House

Location – 1/190 Radford Road, Manly West, QLD

Coffee – Roast By Yili

Coffee - Banter Coffee House, Manly

It was kind of a funny story the first time that I visited Banter Coffee House. The day was just after the first time that I came across Roast By Yili in a cafe. It seemed like a interesting coincidence and I made comment on the fact. Comparing notes soon I found out the cafe I had been to the day before was in fact also owned by the same people that own Banter Coffee House. The other cafe was Deedot located at Holland Park.

Since that first visit to Banter Coffee House I have come back a number of times. Both because the coffee is nice, but also the staff are friendly and welcoming.

Saturday, 10th March 2018

The Coffee Door

Location – 2/5-7 Gordon Street, Ormiston, QLD.

Coffee – Delamauta Handcrafted Coffee

Coffee - The Coffee Door, Ormiston

The coffee door is another one of those cafes that I often passed but never visited. It is kind of in one of those locations that you unless you are going to the place specifically you do not think about always. But it is well worth taking the time to stop and visit if you can. To start they have some rather good coffee, but they also have some nice looking treats in the cabinet. I would personally recommend the Gluten Free Brownie, but there are a number of other options that look good as well.

Sunday, 11th March 2018

The Garden Grind

Location – Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre, Upper Mount Gravatt, QLD.

Coffee – Merlo Coffee

Coffee - The Garden Grind, Mount Gravatt

When it comes to visiting a cafe I must say that I do prefer stand alone cafes, that are mostly enclosed. By that I mean a cafe that I can go inside and sit down and other then people visiting the cafe it is pretty quite. So generally I don’t go looking for cafes like The Garden Grind. When the seating is essentially in the middle of the walkway in a shopping centre it just gets to busy. The main reason I stopped by here was just to change things up a little, and it was rather early so very few people passing by.

Coffee, Break Fluid

I would be interested to know your thoughts on the title’s of these posts. Such as today’s title that is “Coffee, Break Fluid”. I am trying to use a short catchy coffee phrase each time, but do wonder if that is a good or bad thing. If you could leave me a thought in the comments below on this subject I would very much appreciate it.

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