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Bicycle Ride Along Redland Bay Waterfront

Redland Bay Waterfront

If you have been reading along over the past few months, you might know I have been working on a bike ride target for 2018. That target is to ride 5,000km this year on my bicycle. So a few days ago as part of this challenge, I decided to get out and take a ride along a route I used to ride on occasion.

Although the whole ride for the day turned out to be just over 23 km, there is a specific section that I wanted to share with you. That section takes in the Redland Bay Waterfront which goes from the Redland Bay Golf Course through to Torquay Road at Point Talburpin. The section of the ride that this covers is right around 5 km and offers some beautiful views out to Moreton Bay and the bay islands.

Capturing The Photos

Even though I left home knowing that I wanted to get some photos for this post on the day I left the cameras at home. I captured all of these images on my iPhone 6. While they are not the best quality images, you could they still convey what I got to see and where I was. It was a purposeful choice to convey a point that I will be expanding on in another post shortly. That is that gear does not always matter, you sometimes don’t have the best gear, but you can still capture an image.

Redland Bay Bicycle Ride

I particularly wanted to share the portion of my ride that takes in the Redland Bay Waterfront. Starting at Redland Bay Golf Club, I was around 4 km into my ride at this point. Although I have been around the golf course here before and it is quite a nice location I have not played golf here.

Redland Bay Golf Course

The views back to Victoria Point from the edge of the road near the golf course are quite nice as well. Victoria Point is mostly to the left of the image beyond the water here.

View to Victoria Point from Redland Bay Golf Course

Around The Waterfront

The first section of this ride that I enjoy is a large sweeping bay. At the time of my ride, the tide was on the way out, but it can be rather nice here on a calm day at high tide.

Redland Bay Waterfront

Sel Outridge Park

There are numerous parks along the waterfront at Redland Bay. One of the biggest that is purpose-built for sport is Sel Outridge Park. You can see the Basketball half court, cricket practice net, and AFL goal posts. There is also plenty of open space here as well as picnic facilities and some play equipment for the kids.

Redland Bay - Sel Outridge Park

Nev Stafford Park

Not much further on is Nev Stafford Park. This park is much smaller but is also the location of the ANZAC memorial at Redland Bay. Recently on ANZAC day (25th April 2018), there were an estimated 4,000 people attended a dawn service here.

Redland Bay - Nev Stafford Park, Anzac Memorial

Additionally, Nev Stafford Park is located between the ferry terminals to access the Bay Islands. To the north of the park is the car ferries and the south end the passenger ferries.

Orchard Beach

After leaving Nev Stafford Park you need to head inland a little to get around a small inlet. You come back to the waterfront at the beginning of the Orchard Beach estate. The area directly behind this structure here is called Ruster’s Reserve and includes a swimming area that is enclosed.

Redland Bay - Orchard Beach Estate, Bay Views

The views to the bay from the pathway along the waters edge at Orchard Beach estate are quite nice. In the photo below you can see both a passenger and vehicle ferry returning to Redland Bay from the islands.

Redland Bay - Bay Views

The pathway that you follow does vary a lot throughout the ride. There are some parts that you must go off track without taking some larger detours. But the majority of the trip is along nice wide concrete pathways like the one below.

Redland Bay Waterfront Pathway

Point Talburpin

The final stop along the waterfront was at a small park that I could not find a name for at Point Talburpin. It is not too far past the Point Talburpin Dog Park and has a small grassy area with a small section of sand. Quite a nice spot that I did discover a few years ago, but it has been a long time since I have been in the area.

Redland Bay - Point Talburpin

The last spot I stopped for a photo was Point Talburpin Park. I did not remember that this was here, but when I arrived did remember visiting it before. It was actually at night at the time to find a new Geocache that had been hidden in the park. It is still in the same location, but did not think to take a look when I was here to check on it.

Redland Bay - Point Talburpin Park

Use The Gear You Have

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and did not mind the photos from my phone. But I also hope that it encourages you to take photos with what you have and not think so much about having the right gear. It will be a topic that I hope to cover again in another post in the near future. Of course, if you have any feedback please feel free to drop a comment below or get in touch via the contact page.

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