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Instant Productivity: Just Add Coffee – Week 8, 2018

Coffee - Ivy & Lark, Chermside

Making a cup of coffee seems simple enough, whether you are using instant coffee or roasted coffee. However, what many people may now know is just how many different ways there are to make that simple cup of coffee.

While the more common options are the instant coffee, you make at home with hot water. You will also be familiar with the regular espresso that you find at cafes and coffee shops everywhere. However, there is also cold drip, cold pressed, syphon, stovetop, Aeropress and filter. When it comes to filter, there are even multiple ways to make that.

While I won’t go getting into any in-depth detail on what all the methods entail today, it is something to consider. It blows my mind just how many ways coffee can be made and how each different process can produce a different result. I hope to put together a few posts in the future on the various methods and how they each work.

Monday, 19th February 2018

Black Lab Coffee

Location – 6/11 Kuring Gai Ave, Tarragindi, QLD

Coffee – Locale Coffee

Coffee - Black Lab Coffee, Tarragindi

Black Lab Coffee is a spot that I had been planning to visit for some time. A friend had mentioned they wanted to go and check it out but we just never could work out a time to go. So after they moved away, I decided I had to stop in and check it out.

The Boss (Audrey, the black labrador) was waiting to greet me at the front door. While the cafe very much caters to our four-pawed friends, they do also serve up some great coffee for us humans as well. Hope to have a chance to revisit this spot soon.

Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Peaches Cafe

Location – 2/190 Birkdale Road, Birkdale, QLD

Coffee – Single O

Coffee - Peaches Cafe, Birkdale

Finding new cafes when they open is not always straightforward, especially when they are in areas I think I know. Peaches Cafe is one of those spots, they opened at Birkdale, in a spot I often drive past. However, it was not until recently that I discovered they were there.

I stopped in for a coffee and found they are using coffee from Single O, a roaster I quite enjoy. But I think there could still be a little work on getting the coffee just right. So will have to stop back again soon to see how they are going.

Wednesday, 21st February 2018

Ivy & Lark

Location – Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre, Gympie Road, Chermside, QLD

Coffee – Five Senses

Coffee - Ivy & Lark, Chermside

The further from home a cafe is the harder it is for me to get there for coffee. The first problem is the other cafes that seem to distract me on the way. The second problem is that I just struggle to drink coffee after lunch time and still get to sleep at night.

Thankfully some days I have things that I have to do in specific areas and if I get moving early enough, things all work out. Ivy & Lark at Chermside is one spot I had wanted to visit for some time and finally when I needed to be nearby early I for a chance to visit. They are serving up coffee from Five Senses, and I gave the single origin a try which came from Ethiopia.

Thursday, 22nd February 2018

Let Minnow

Location – 57 Park Avenue, Clayfield, QLD

Coffee – Nat’s Coffee

Coffee - Let Minnow Cafe, Clayfield

As I approach Let Minnow Cafe, I realised that I had been to the location before. However, as it turns out when I thought back, it was a couple of years ago. At the time the building was not a cafe but a pet shop I believe.

I may be a little biased since I prefer going for coffee and do not own a pet, but this works much better as a cafe. The coffee being served is one I discovered on a recent trip south to Northern NSW, called Nat’s Coffee. The coffee was great, and I also took the opportunity to have a bite for breakfast which was most enjoyable.

Friday, 23rd February 2018

Bruno’s BNE

Location – 212 Cracknell Road, Tarragindi, QLD

Coffee – Five Senses

Coffee - Bruno's BNE, Tarragindi

Bruno’s BNE is a spot that I have visited a few times and quite enjoy trying the coffee. While they do have a house blend, they do also have rotating feature coffees. You also get a bit of choice where you sit with some tables inside in the front and large back deck that overlooks a nearby park. A great spot to stop for coffee and have enjoyed some of the food here in the past.

Saturday, 24th February 2018

Street Lab Specialty Coffee

Location – 1/1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD

Coffee – Scouts Honour Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Street Lab Specialty Coffee, Fortitude Valley

Street Lab Specialty Coffee is one of those spots that is something of a concept cafe. The name leads you to find a cafe with some great coffee from Scouts Honour Coffee Roasters. What you might not expect to see is they also have a range of sneakers and other apparel. Of course, I come for the coffee, but it can be interesting to take a little look at the other side of the cafe as well.

Sunday, 25th February 2018

Goodness Gracious Cafe

Location – 250 Oxley Road, Graceville, QLD

Coffee – Wolff Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Goodness Gracious, Graceville

Sometimes finding a great cafe can be a good and a bad thing. Great cafes often have a couple of big downfalls that they can get rather busy at times. The other downfall is that they can be that busy that quality can slip a little.

Goodness Gracious is a great cafe, but they can get rather busy. The last time I visited and the photo I have is evidence of this with us stuck sitting against a wall. The other problem was that on my first visit the coffee was great, for the second visit the coffee was not quite up there. Hopefully I will get back again soon and get another great coffee.


There is all for another week talking about coffee and some of the spots that I have shared this week. As usual, I would love to hear about any places that you think have great coffee around Brisbane. But also if you want to let me know about a spot further afield, interstate or overseas, please do I can add it to my list for when I am travelling.

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