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Monday, Because Coffee Helps – Week 2, 2018

Coffee - Day Made, Woolloongabba

At one point in time, I used to visit the same cafe almost every single day. They opened their doors almost every single day of the year with just a couple of exceptions. Of course, that tended to work out rather well for me, always having somewhere to go for my chai latte or hot chocolate.

On the other hand, since I have started drinking coffee and visiting different cafes almost every single day has been challenging. Throughout the year it is not to difficult, but in the first and last week of the year, it can be hard. There are many cafes that close for this period, of course giving the owners a very well deserved break. However, it is also why I am happy to now be into the second week of the year. Almost all the cafes are starting to open their doors again and I can get back to hunting down some great new spots for coffee.

Monday, 8th January 2018

Day Made – Coffee Supreme

Location – 3c Gibbon Street, Woolloongabba, QLD

Coffee – Coffee Supreme

Coffee - Day Made, Woolloongabba

Day made is the Brisbane home of Coffee Supreme, a coffee roaster that started in New Zealand. Though their cafe here is small it is a great spot for coffee in Woolloongabba. There a few seating options from a large communal table to a more intimate option of just a thin wooden board between you or tables on the footpath. The coffee is served up just how you like it, black or milk, espresso or filter, blend or single origin and you can also purchase beans to take home.

If you have a little bit of time it is also interesting to go and read a little about the history of Coffee Supreme. You can find that on the Coffee Supreme History page on their website.

Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Badminton Brew

Location – 30 Badminton Street, Mount Gravatt East, QLD

Coffee – Elixir

Coffee - Badminton Brew, Mount Gravatt East

Badminton Brew is a great little spot for coffee that I found in the back streets of Mount Gravatt. Although it is not somewhere that you just happen upon driving past, if you are in the area it is worth looking up. They serve up some nice coffee from Elixir which is always nice and strong. A great little addition to the cafe is the variety of small canvas prints of where people have taken their take away cups. You can just seem them in the background towards the top of this image, an interesting idea I think.

Wednesday, 10th January 2018

Raw Lovely Two

Location –  Panorama Drive, Thornlands, QLD

Coffee – Laneway Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Raw Lovely Two, Thornlands

Raw Lovely Two is a nice little spot for coffee that I never knew existed in Thornlands not too far from home. I only discovered them by chance after visiting another cafe that uses the same coffee from Laneway Coffee Roasters. Aside from the coffee they do have a rather good range of raw vegan cakes and treats, I could not resist and did give one a try. It was also a good chance to make use of my Keep Cup as they do only offer paper cups.

Thursday, 11th January 2018

The Barn, Stradbroke Island

Location – 16 Bingle Road, Dunwich, QLD

Coffee – Montville Coffee

Coffee - The Barn, North Stradbroke Island

Early in December 2017, I made a visit to North Stradbroke Island with some friends. While they were looking for breakfast when we arrived I was more than happy to just get my coffee. The Barn (formerly The Island Fruit Barn) is a great spot not too far off the ferry for a coffee where they are serving Montville Coffee. The food does look quite good and hopefully will get back again soon to try it out.

Friday, 12th January 2018

Foster Black

Location – 1151 Creek Road, Carindale, QLD. (The Glasshouse, Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre)

Coffee – Semi Pro Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Foster Black, Carindale

Something that I always keep my eye open for is new cafes and coffee spots opening up. So it was with some anticipation that I watched as this new little coffee stand was put together in the Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre. They have been open a little while now, but this photo is from a few days after they opened. The coffee comes from Semi Pro Coffee Roasters and was quite good.

Saturday, 13th January 2018

Cafe Omega

Location – 145 Balo Street, Moree, NSW.

Coffee – Grinders

Coffee - Cafe Omega, Moree

On the last day of the road trip to Canberra, one of our last stops was in the town of Moree. While we had been on the road this morning I had some time to look up coffee shop options ahead of us. Cafe Omega came up as one of the best options and we made the stop. They are serving coffee from Grinders and was just what I needed.

Sunday, 14th January 2018

Mint Road Cafe

Location – 59 Boolimba Cres, Narrabundah, ACT.

Coffee – Black Mountain Coffee

Coffee - Mint Road Cafe, Narrabundah

On the second morning in Canberra, there was not a lot of time. The night before had been rather late due to the event we attended and there was plenty of driving ahead of us for the day. After a quick look at the map, I found a good looking option for coffee not far from the hotel and headed out for the walk. The cafe was Mint Road Cafe and they were serving Black Mountain Coffee.

Monday, Because Coffee Helps

That is it for another week of coffee from me. Getting started doing this weekly overview of coffee has been great for me. At the moment it is that little push that I need to get moving on giving you some more content. While it might not be specifically travel focused in some ways it does feel that it is to me.

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