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Coffee, Helps Me Adult – Week 9, 2018

Coffee - Coconut Coffee House, Ormiston

It is getting close to 18 months since I first started truly exploring what is out there in the way of coffee. Over this time I have learned a significant amount about coffee, some of which has taken time to discovered. While other aspects I had never thought about watching until recently.

One aspect was to keep a diary of the cafes that I visit and what it costs me for my coffee. While I have considered sharing the pages from this diary directly, I am not sure it would be that beneficial. However, there is one number that I thought might be interesting to some people. That number is the average price that I pay for a cup of coffee.

The lowest price that I have paid for a cup of coffee is $3.00, with the highest being $4.70. However, the average price of all my cups of coffee this year to date is $3.85. The most common price that I seem to pay is either $3.50 or $4.00.

Monday, 26th February 2018

The Park Cafe

Location – 1A/5-11 Jardine Drive, Redland Bay QLD

Coffee – Wolff Coffee Roasters

Coffee - The Park Cafe, Redland Bay

When you visit a lot of different coffee shops there are bound to be some that close and new ones that open. The location of The Park Cafe in the Redlands Business Park is one of the places that this has happened. I visited a cafe that was at this location some time ago, and towards the end of last year found out it had closed. But at the same time, I also found a sign that said a new cafe was opening in the new year.

I kept my eye on the spot and soon enough The Park Cafe opened for business. So I stopped in to try them out and was instantly a fan when I saw they were using Wolff Coffee. Since the first visit, I have been back once or twice and will keep on going back when I want a coffee without going too far afield.

Tuesday, 27th February 2018

Seed Coffee

Location – 17/15 Limestone Road, Ipswich, QLD.

Coffee – Supreme Roasters

Coffee - Seed Coffee, Ipswich

One morning when I was heading out to Warwick with some friends I wanted to have a coffee on the way. Of course, since they don’t particularly like coffee and it matters much more to me it was up to me to find a good spot. So I just searched for the best coffee in Ipswich. Soon enough I had results that suggest Seed Coffee so that was our target. Honestly this happens to be the first spot I have visited for coffee in Ipswich, so I am going to have to get back out here and try to confirm that title as best in Ipswich for myself.

Wednesday, 28th February 2018

Morning After

Location – 57 Vulture Street, West End, QLD

Coffee – Five Senses + Roast By Yili

Coffee - Morning After, West End

As you get in closer to Brisbane you are spoiled not just for a choice of cafes by a choice of great coffee. While Morning After is one of my favourite cafes in the area it is also sometimes a little difficult to get a table. I think in part because they do have a rather good choice of coffee from both Five Senses and Roast By Yili. To avoid the challenges of getting a table on the weekend I do try and get in on a weekday when I can. But that still leaves me with the struggle of choosing which coffee for the morning.

Thursday, 1st March 2018

Deb’s Coffee

Location – 4b/100 Donald Road, Redland Bay QLD

Coffee – The Coffee Roaster

Coffee - Deb's Coffee, Redland Bay

Spending some time in the area local to home recently I decided to try a cafe towards the southern end of Redland Bay. The cafe is called Deb’s Coffee, Cakes & Protein Shakes and is in a small group of shops in the suburb. I stuck with just the coffee for my visit which comes from The Coffee Roaster. They roast the coffee in West End and use an air roasting method over the more traditonal coffee roasting options.

Friday, 2nd March 2018

The Little Green Room Cafe

Location – 43 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, QLD

Coffee – Campos

Coffee - The Little Green Room Cafe, Highgate Hill

Having visited a cafe over the road from The Little Green Room a couple of times I decided to come and try this spot. They are serving coffee from Campos, which is one of my favourite more branded coffees. The reason is that it just seems to be more consistent in the flavour and body when you drink it at different cafes. The cafe here is quite nice and you do not even notice that you are just off a main road for the most part.

Saturday, 3rd March 2018

Coconut Coffee House

Location – 2/20 Shore St West, Ormiston, QLD.

Coffee – Byron Bay Coffee company.

Coffee - Coconut Coffee House, Ormiston

When I started drinking coffee I had still been sticking to the one cafe for the most part. However, people I knew in Cleveland kept telling me how good the coffee was at the Coconut Coffee House. Well once I got started on visiting different cafes, I made sure to stop in and give it a try.

Since the first visit, I have been back a number of times and must say that I agree it is quite good coffee. The coffee comes from Byron Bay Coffee Company and is quite nice especially as a long black. They also do have some rather friendly staff that are there ready to get you your caffine fix.

Sunday, 4th March 2018

Pomeroy’s Coffee Roasters

Location – Capri on via Roma Shopping Complex, Isle of Capri, QLD.

Coffee – Roasted In House.

Coffee - Pomeroy's, Isle of Capri

Pomeroy’s Coffee Roasters have two different locations and I have been to both on a number of occasions. Their location on the Isle of Capri is a great little spot, while it is not big, they do have a few tables and a coffee roaster tucked away in the back. The coffee is always good with a number of different beans to choose from. While you are here it is also nice to walk around the other stores in this area with a selection of fresh produce and restaurants complementing each other.


I would love to know if you have been following along with my weekly coffee updates? Do you watch for the update (which comes every Monday at 6 am Australian Eastern Standard Time) or is this the first time you have found one of these updates?

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