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Consider What You Wear On Travel Days

Consider What You Wear On Travel Days

Packing your bag for travel can be something of a challenge at times. Trying to get everything that you think you will need in and still get the suitcase done up. There is a way that you can solve a little of this challenge by considering what you wear on travel days. By this I mean the days that you are going to be transiting between cities, most often when you are flying.

To date through my travels, what you are wearing has never come into the equation of how much luggage you have. So it can make a lot of sense to consider just what you are going to wear on the plane.

What You Are Wearing

Some of the specific items that can make a big difference are shoes, pants and jackets. These can be items that you may take more than one of or that are bulky or heavy.


When it comes to what you put on your feet, I would suggest the checking your shoes. You want to be wearing whichever pair of shoes you are taking that are either the heaviest or takes up the most space. The difference between your lightest and heaviest shoes can be a reasonable difference. Especially if you are conerned that you might be getting close to the weight limit on your suitcase.

There are two considerations here though. First I am talking about the heaviest pair of practical shoes to wear. Ski boots or football cleats might not be the best choice try and choose general wearable shoes or boots. The second thing is to think deeply as to whether you do need to take them if they are that heavy in the luggage. If you are taking them with plans to use them once or twice, could you reconsider and leave them at home?

A little side note when it comes to shoes is don’t waste the space inside them. The first time I travelled I stuck them in a bag and forgot about them. It was partway through the trip I figured out I could stuff small items or pairs of socks inside them.


What you wear on the bottom half of your body can make a little difference as well. On travel days I almost always wear my jeans. For two reasons, the first is that I find it can get a little cooler on planes than you might expect. The second reason is they are often the bulkiest and heaviest clothing item I am taking.

The difference between a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts might not be as great as shoes, but it still adds up. As long as you have a somewhat comfortable pair of jeans, this can work. If they are too tight or not comfortable for sitting in, you may have to still opt for packing them.


There have been very few times that I have not carried my bulkiest jacket on the plane with me. Even if it is the middle of summer and hot outside, it is always in my hand with my carry on bag. To my recollection, no one has ever questioned it, for two reasons.

The first is that it can get a little cool on the plane sometimes so it can be good for that. The second you might be leaving a summer climate, but your destination may be a winter climate. But even if your next stop is not a winter destination your final one might be, and you may not have access to your luggage along the way.

I remember one segment of one trip I had three jackets in hand for a couple of legs of my trip. Partially because I was travelling to a cold climate, but also due to the next point.

Travelling With A Suit

I have had to travel a couple of times with a suit now, as I chose to take one when I cruise. The problem is travelling with one suitcase it can be awfully difficult to keep the jacket looking good. While often there is time to arrange for it to be pressed, I prefer to avoid that if I can. So I often wear my suit jacket onboard the flight. While it might get a little creased, it is rarely anywhere near as bad as if it had been folded into the suitcase.

Consider What You Wear

I have just given you a couple of areas to think about what you wear when you travel. But of course, there is any number of other things you could consider wearing instead of packing when you travel. It can just come down to being smart and maybe ever so slightly not as comfortable.

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