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Exploring Around The Town of Eumundi

Eumundi - Main Street

Eumundi is a town that I remember visiting on a couple of occasions in the past few years. However, until recently it is a town that I had used as a quick stop to grab a bite to eat and not much more. So I was glad to get a chance to take a little walk along the main street and have a little closer look at the town.

Located towards the northern end of the Sunshine Coast, Eumundi is located just 15 minutes from Noosaville. It makes for a great morning or afternoon outing while staying in the Noosaville area, which is exactly how I came to visit this time. It is also a great spot for markets if you happen to be in the area on a Wednesday or Saturday.

Walking Eumundi

Eumundi is a great spot for a walk as everything is all within a reasonably small area. The main street, Memorial Drive has everything in an area of around 350m. While the street does have a small incline it is something most people should be able to handle.

Eumundi - Main Street

There are a few different cafes and restaurants as well as two pubs that I could see. In the past, I have headed to the bakery for a pie which has been quite tasty from memory. But on this visit, I was more looking for a coffee.

Eumundi - Main Street

Eumundi Markets

For those who enjoy walking around a market, there are two days that you might want to try and get to Eumundi. The Original Eumundi Markets are on every Wednesday from 8 am – 1:30 pm and Saturday from 7 am – 2 pm.

Eumundi - Markets

Unfortunately, even though I know the markets are on I have still not managed to get here on the right day. But I am sure that on the right days this area is buzzing with stallholders and shoppers alike.

Eumundi -Market Square

Coffee Stop

One of the main reasons why I was visiting Eumundi today was for a stop at Humdrum Espresso. It was on a list of cafes to try and since I was close by decided to give it a look. The spot is quite nice and they are serving up some nice coffee from Clandestino Coffee Roasters.

Eumundi - Humdrum Espresso

Other Things To See

There are a number of other spots to check out while you are in Eumundi.

Eumundi - CWA Hall

The CWA Hall in Eumundi does look like it has some age. However, even with a little searching, I was unable to find out when it was built. The information might be there on the hall, but it was only after the fact that I thought to look.

Eumundi - Elsie

The intriguing creature above is named Elsie the baby elephant. Made from recycled materials Elsie eats one thing recycled plastic bottle caps. Elsie is a symbol for Forget Me Not, a charity that helps to protect, educate and re-unite children in Nepal, Uganda and India with their families.

Eumundi - Dick Caplick Park

There is, of course, something for the children as well. Dick Caplick Park is just one park that I saw, but there is also plenty of open space parks like the one below.

Eumundi - Park with Stage

Visit Eumundi

If you happen to be on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast why not go for a visit to Eumundi. Whether you are visiting for the markets on Wednesday or Saturday, or just to take a look around the town on a quieter day. I would love to hear about your time in Eumundi just leave a comment below.

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