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Insert Coffee To Begin – Week 15, 2018

Coffee - First Coffee Co.

There was a time in my life when I used to say that I did not need coffee to live my life. I did not see that caffeine could provide anything, no additional benefit or boost in any way. To a very large extent, I still stand by this and do believe that if I choose to I could not drink coffee. But we all know I am not going to do that anytime soon, I still have to share a coffee with you every day for the rest of the year at least.

I do not find that I am reliant on caffeine in any way and that the purpose of coffee for me is not an energy-boosting thing. In fact, there has been a couple of occasions where I believe the coffee might have dropped my energy. Coffee is also not the first Beveridge that I reach for in the morning. I often will consume over 1 litre of water before my first coffee. Speaking of the first coffee that can be even up to three hours after I get out of bed.

In some ways, I think that I would be more than happy to drink water when I am out. But coffee definitely does have a more interesting taste and flavours that can be different in every cup. If that is the case with water it is often not a good thing. Anyway, here are another seven coffee shops to check out from Brisbane and the Surrounds.

Monday, 9th April 2018

Same Same But Different

Location – 640 Oxley Road, Corinda, QLD

Coffee – Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Same Same But Different

Unlike some cafes that I find by using the maps, I discovered Same Same But Different as I was driving along. I sometimes just get inspired to drive to an area and see what is around and that is how it happened here. I noticed the name before anything else and thought it was something different so stopped in to check them out. The coffee comes from Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters so the experience was a good one.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018

Cafe Mila

Location – 12/685 Old Cleveland Rd E, Wellington Point QLD

Coffee – Two Seasons

Coffee - Cafe Mila

Cafe Mila is a place that I have visited a couple of times in the past. But either I have a bad memory or the decor has changed a little, may have to dig through the archives and find my photo from last time. A great little spot for a coffee which is made with beans from Two Seasons, so think I will be back here again soon.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018

Urban Providore

Location – 210 Oxford St, Bulimba QLD

Coffee – Open House Coffee

Coffee - Urban Providore

There are not many cafes that you can talk to the fish while enjoying your coffee. One that I have found is Urban Providore at Bulimba. The cafe has a very nice bright and open feeling but also intimate at the same time. Of course, there is the fish on the table in the corner to chat with, not sure if it has a name. The coffee comes from Open House Roasters, and so far this is the only spot I think that I have tried their coffee.

Thursday, 12th April 2018

Arte & Gusto

Location – 5/409 Honour Ave, Graceville QLD

Coffee – Kuhl-Cher Coffee

Coffee - Arte & Gusto

When I visited Arte & Gusto I had a very specific reason for heading to this cafe. It was all about the coffee, which you might ask is that not the reason that I visit every cafe. You are very true, that is the reason, but in this specific case I wanted to try they specific coffee they are using for a second time at a different cafe. The coffee is Kuhl-Cher Coffee, which is I think reasonably new, but the experience and the taste of the coffee here was great.

Friday, 13th April 2018

Stones Throw

Location – 1/371 Logan Rd, Stones Corner QLD

Coffee – Belaroma

Coffee - Stones Throw

I remember coming to this cafe when it used to be called Belaroma, or at least I thought it was. Now it is called Stones Throw and sits in the middle of the Stones Corner Precinct. They are still serving Belaroma Specialty Coffee, but otherwise things look quite similar. I am not sure if they might make some more changes along the way, I guess I may have to come back and see.

Saturday, 14th April 2018

First Coffee Co.

Location – 2/360 Main Rd, Wellington Point, QLD

Coffee – Single O

Coffee - First Coffee Co.

Sometimes there are coffee shops that surprise me a little. First Coffee Co turned out to be one of these. I noticed the small hole in the wall next to the bike shop at Wellington Point some time ago, and did not stop at the time. Since then I passed by many times, but never found a reason to stop. But eventually decided I had to give it a try and sure enough I had been missing out for a long time. Great coffee which comes from Single O and great friendly people. Also the coffee comes in these awesome cups.

Sunday, 15th April 2018

Bell Jar Cafe

Location – 18a Thorn St, Kangaroo Point QLD

Coffee – Belaroma

Coffee - Bell Jar Cafe

I am often surprised by the coffee shops that I find sometimes. Not always because of the look inside, but the fact that I somehow missed seeing them for so long. Bell Jar Cafe, sits just off a very busy road that I drive somewhat regularly. But like many things you need to know it is there to see it. It was only by chance one day I caught it on the edge of my map that I found it. A nice little spot with coffee from Belaroma Specialty Coffee, the only problem can be getting parking at times.


There we have it another week of coffee and I do have one question for your this week. How do you start your morning with coffee, is it the first drink or something later in the day?

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