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Keep Calm & Drink Coffee – Week 14, 2018

Coffee - Min & Co

When it comes to drinking coffee there are many different reasons why people do. On an individual level, it might be for relaxation or motivation, or maybe a good reason to connect with others and be social. There can be health benefits and there can be reasons why it might not be a good idea to drink coffee for you at all.

The thing I have come to realise is that there are many different reasons why people drink coffee. I personally drink coffee for the pleasure of experiencing something different. Which is one of the main reason why I go out of my way to explore and discover new coffee shops. However, I can also understand that for some people that is the furthest thing from their mind. There is a good chance that they are just seeming a drink that is familiar and comfortable.

One thing that I cannot understand is what the appeal of adding milk or sugar to the coffee is. Since starting to drink coffee as a long black, I have tried in total maybe half a dozen coffees with milk and none with added sugar. To me, the milk takes away so much of the character of coffee. All of the coffee’s I have tried with milk, I have also tried black and they have almost all been so much better.

But enough about who and how we drink coffee, it is time to check out some great places for coffee. Of course, as usual, the week has seven days and I have seven coffee spots to share with you.

Monday, 2nd April 2018

Blunder Coffee

Location – 4c/146 Blunder Road, Oxley, QLD

Coffee – Dancing Beans Specialty Roasters

Coffee - Blunder Coffee

Many of the coffee shops I visit I find just by looking at the map. However, while that was sort of the case with Blunder Coffee, I choose to come because of the coffee they have. I have enjoyed Dancing Beans Coffee at one other spot so decided to try it somewhere else as well. I am definitely glad that I made the stop as the coffee here was great and somewhere I would recommend trying if you are near Oxley.

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018

Cups & Wells

Location – 230 Lillian Ave, Salisbury, QLD

Coffee – Wolff Coffee Roasters

Coffee - Cups & Wells

There is a little saying that you might be familiar with along the lines of “third time lucky.” That seemed to be the case with me getting to visit Cups & Wells. I had driven past once over the Christmas break when they were closed, and again when they were forced to close due to a power outage. So back for the third attempt and success, they were open with a table inside (thankfully as it was a rainy day). They are serving coffee from Wolff Coffee Roasters which always tastes good.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018

Min & Co

Location – 41A Wellington Road, East Brisbane, QLD

Coffee – In-House Roast

Coffee - Min & Co

Although I am not the biggest fan of development it does have its upsides. In this case, a new unit block in East Brisbane has retail space below and one of the first things to open was Min & Co. It is a little while since I visited though and the view that you can see here has changed a little I understand. Min & Co is also roasting coffee in-house, and at the time of my visit, the coffee roaster was not installed yet. I am going to have to get back soon and check it out, maybe find out when they are roasting.

Thursday, 5th April 2018

The Corner Store Cafe

Location – 113 Sylvan Road, Toowong, QLD

Coffee – Marvell Street Roasters

Coffee - The Corner Store Cafe

The places that you find when you are in areas that you are not familiar with is sometimes amazing. A visit to Toowong and a failed attempt to visit one cafe led to a walk around a few blocks and finally reaching The Corner Store Cafe. It was even better to find they are serving a rather nice coffee by Marvell Street Roaster which comes from Byron Bay. The cafe while definitely taken over the location, does have some rather nice old time corner store look and feel both inside and out.

Friday, 6th April 2018


Location – Mt Gravatt Plaza, 55 Creek Rd, Mount Gravatt East QLD

Coffee – DiBella Coffee

Coffee - Chatterbox

In the past I have not gone out of my way looking for coffee shops in shopping centres. However, one day when visiting Mount Gravatt Central I decided to take a closer look at the coffee shops. Chatterbox caught my eye as it looked interesting and not like the usual spots you find in the suburban shopping centres. So I stopped for a coffee which comes from Di Bella Coffee and found it quite a nice spot to visit.

Saturday, 7th April 2018

One Stop Cafe

Location – 78 Middle Street, Cleveland, QLD

Coffee – Merlo

Coffee - One Stop Cafe

Cleveland has quite a large range of options when it comes to coffee. So it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to pick just where to stop for your coffee. I have come to find my favourites, but I try not to pick faourites when sharing my spots each week. One Stop is quite a friendly option and they are serving coffee from Merlo.

Sunday, 8th April 2018

Clancy’s Espresso

Location – 1/198 Wynnum Road, Norman Park, QLD.

Coffee – Single O

Coffee - Clancys Espresso

It was not all that long after Clancy’s opened on Wynnum Road in Norman Park that I first visited. It was only a week later that I returned again, to share the spot with a friend. Even helped out the environment here a little by using my keep cup which I got as a Christmas present. They are serving up some great coffee from Single O and one spot that is always on the list to return when in the area.


There we are another week of coffee. I would be interested to know how you take your coffee, you can let me know in the comments? Also why do you drink coffee?

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