Exploring Holland America Line MS Nieuw Amsterdam

MS Nieuw Amsterdam

Today is the sixth day onboard Holland America Line’s Nieuw Amsterdam for my Transatlantic Cruise. The first couple of days were a little rough as we followed a Low-Pressure system across the Atlantic. However, the past couple of days has become a lot more comfortable and smoother sailing.

Hollan America Line’s Ms Nieuw Amsterdam is a Signature Class ship and is currently the newest ship in their fleet.  With a registered tonnage of 86,700 GT, this is the largest ship I have cruised on to date. The maximum passenger capacity is 2106, with a maximum 929 crew. There is a total of 11 passenger decks. The maiden voyage for Ms Nieuw Amsterdam departed Venice on the 5th of July 2010. Which currently places her at less than two years old.

MS Nieuw Amsterdam

When you are walking the hallways and public spaces it does become very easy to forget you are on a cruise ship. You very much get the feeling of being in a five-star hotel, with all the amenities plus more onboard.

Below is one of the elevator lobbies onboard, I am sure you would agree it could complete with many land based hotels. In fact, it is entirely possible it is better than most of the hotels I have stayed in the last three weeks.

Nieuw Amsterdam - Elevator Lobby

With this being the third cruise ship that I have been onboard now I do believe you get a lot for your money. I have yet to find a hotel that offers so much under one roof. Of course, there are hotels with restaurants and even some with light entertainment in the lobby. However, there are not many that offer multiple restaurants, bars, entertainment and shows all under the one roof.

Nieuw Amsterdam - Piano Bar

The Queens Lounge is one of two places for something a little more than just music while onboard. During the day there might be cooking demonstrations. At night Karaoke, a band or even dancing.

Nieuw Amsterdam - Queens Lounge

Ms Nieuw Amsterdam is the first ship I have cruised on to have a dedicated Disco or Nightclub. On the other ships, it has been combined with the Crows Nest and has been somewhat a compromise. Towards the back of the room is a bar, while there is also plenty of seating and a dance floor.

Nieuw Amsterdam - Northern Lights Nightclub Bar Nieuw Amsterdam - Northern Lights Nightclub

When you are onboard a cruise ship, it is hard to resist being outside and experiencing the fresh sea air. I cannot count how much time I spent walking the Promenade Deck for some exercise; you need to do something when you are at sea for so many days.

The below photo is of the two smoke stacks not too long after sunset. On this particular day, I was a little late for the sunset itself. However, below is a photo of the sunset over the stern of the ship one afternoon earlier in the cruise.

Nieuw Amsterdam - Smokestacks Nieuw Amsterdam - Sunset at Sea

After not feeling the greatest with the rough weather at the beginning of the cruise, I have now found my sea legs again. But I think the thing I am happiest about is no need to visit an airport or catch a plane for the next three weeks.

As of this post today, there is just one more day at sea before out first port of call. The port is Horta, on the Azores Islands, located off the coast of Portugal. The Azores are in some respects independent, but they are a Portuguese Territory.

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