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Pay For Experiences! Not Things

Godley Head view over Christchurch Beach

When I look back at the travel that I have done to date, there is little that I would change. I am somewhat happy with just about every aspect of where I have travelled, what I have seen and how I chose to do so.

Potentially though when I look back, there is one thing that I might have approached just a little bit differently. I do think that maybe I could have spent a little less on Souvenirs and it would not have impacted my experience in any way.

When I First Travelled

The first trip that I ever took to Melbourne was in some ways where I developed a habit of buying souvenirs. I seemed like a good idea that I would purchase a small memento from each attraction that I visited. Usually just a keyring or something else that was small and easy to carry.

It was not even the end of the week in Melbourne that I started to realise just how much this approach to memories would cost. Spending an extra $3-$ ten at each place I visited definitely would add considerably to the travel bill over any length of time. I cannot be sure but I would not be surprised if I spent over $200 on souvenirs when I visited Melbourne.

Continuing The Habit

I am unsure what exactly drove the habit to develop while in Melbourne, but it carried on throughout the rest of my travel. However, it is something that has eased to some degree. I have in favour purchased postcards over other tangible items when looking for souvenirs.

But when I think back the money that I have spent on souvenirs has been somewhat excessive. When I consider the different currencies and prices of items, I could never hope to calculate a real figure. I would put it somewhere up around the $1,000+ mark though which is a rather considerable sum to spend on souvenirs.


Spending At Home

Like I have spent money on Souvenirs when travelling there are also times that I find myself spending money at home. Some of the things that you buy are essential, things that make your life easier or that allow you to do something that needs to be done. For me, these are things like computers and cameras, which enable me to write this blog and share the photos that I capture.

Sometimes the spending can be a little frivolous, such as the amount that I spend on coffee each week (somewhere between $50 and $60). But there are a lot of things that can add significant spending without adding to our lives at all. Some of these are small items, but there are plenty with a rather high cost as well.

Coffee - The Fox Den, Gloucester

When you look at any one purchase in isolation, it might be something that you can justify. But it can be interesting to look at it in terms of what they may equal in other terms.

A good example might be when you own a TV that works and lets you watch anything you like. But you decide that because a new model came out, you need that new model. The new model costs $1000, but will not improve your ability to watch TV in any way. On the other hand, you could have spent $1000 to take a South Pacific Cruise. One is a thing that is not essential the other is an experience you will remember possibly longer than the TV would last.

Pay For Experiences Not Things

When you look back at the things that you have bought, how many of them give you a long-term memory? How much did you pay for something only to find you never used it after the first two weeks? Where could you have travelled to today, if you had not bought those things?

Godley Head view over Christchurch Beach

While I do not want you to sit there thinking of the money you have spent on things. I want to try and encourage you to make different choices for the future. Is it a case that you cannot afford to travel, or could you travel if you made different decisions about the things you purchase?

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