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A visit to the Nice Flower Markets in Nice, France

Flower Market, Spices - Nice, France

When you are travelling there are always a couple of truths that pave the way. The first one is that you rarely if ever spend the whole trip travelling in the same way. Which is exactly how I found my way around and between places on my last trip to Europe.

I started the trip flying from place to place, Brisbane to Seoul, Seoul to London, London to Vienna. Eventually finding my way across to the United States of America and Fort Lauderdale, before boarding a cruise ship. The cruise ship took me back the other way across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean before arriving in Venice. From there it was back on to a plane to arrive in Nice, France.

Nice, France

It was right around this point that another one of the truths of travel popped up for me. That is the reality that there is always something that escapes your planning. In this case, it happened to be the fact that it was a public holiday in France. It was Labour Day, and that meant very little was operating or even open. The public transport was not operating, which meant a€45 taxi ride instead of a€4.50 bus fare. Almost every single shop that I passed by was closed. The majority of options for food were closed as well, which meant I end up with McDonald’s for dinner.

But of course that was just one day, and the next day was a new day, thankfully not a public holiday again. I had a tour booked and instead of wondering what to do, I got to see a whole lot of the city of Nice. The final stop on the tour was a visit to the Nice Flower Market.

Nice Flower Market

Flower Market, Spices - Nice, France

The Flower Market in Nice was for the most part very much what the name might suggest. However, despite that I am rather surprised to look back and see that the only photos I have from this visit are of one particular stall. The stall offered a selection of spices (above), sugars (below) and a range of other what looks like potpourri.

Flower Market, Sugars - Nice, France

I just cannot understand what I was thinking not taking more photos. But maybe that is where yet another truth of travel comes into the picture. You always seem to realise what you missed a long time after the fact. The only thing you can do is hope to live and learn for the next time.

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